Through the Eyes of Others…

Seeing yourself through the eyes of others always leads to an insightful introspection.  I have taken part in many media interviews over the past decade, and each one has been a tremendous learning experience.  Whether the image that I get when I read the article is the same as the image that I see in the mirror each day or if it is a different one — I develop a wider perspective with each interview.annecorn

The following article appeared in the Kearney Hub yesterday as the newspaper “Saluted Agriculture” this week.  It was a fun interview for me to do as the reporter was genuinely interested in my farm and how I grow beef.

From Florida to Cozad Feed Yard: Burkholder’s Journey is just about everything cattle and she loves it.

A second article that focuses more on Feed Yard Foodie appeared in another section of the same paper.  I am humbled to be highlighted in such a big way, and thankful for all of the opportunities that a life in agriculture has offered to me.

Voice of Agriculture

As we celebrate National Agriculture Week, please take a minute to get to know a farmer.  We all get smarter as we get to know each other and see the world through the eyes of others…



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