Kindred Spirits…

There are many who knew Robin Coulter Lapaseotes better than I, but there are few that admired her more.  A trail blazer and mentor, Robin lived for her family and her beloved Coulter Ranch.

The center of her life...

The center of her life…

Robin spoke from her heart with a brutal honesty that earned her my respect from our very first encounter.  She believed in living life to the fullest, determined to make the most out of every day.  Robin likely accomplished more in her 56 years than most do in 90.  Perhaps that is why God chose to take her last week in a tragic accident that has left her family, her community and the Nebraska beef family in shock. robinhorse

Robin demanded hard work from those around her.  She possessed just enough humor to soften the unbending stubborn streak that made her uniquely Robin.  Our lives were separated by close to 200 miles and many individual responsibilities with our families and our livestock, but I enjoyed tremendously the times that our paths crossed.

It was a true joy to bounce ideas off of such a savvy and bold contemporary — the fact that she also had the perspective of a woman made those times even more special.  My favorite time with Robin was almost a year ago when she and I participated in a day long women’s mentoring seminar for students at the University of Nebraska Engler Entrepreneurship Program.

Three Kindred Spirits sitting at the head table hoping to impart some "wisdom"...

Three Kindred Spirits sitting at the head table hoping to impart some “wisdom”…

Alongside Ann Brunz, Robin and I spent the day mentoring young women who wanted to make their lives in agriculture.  The three of us were kindred spirits as we shared the joys and challenges of being a woman in a traditionally male business.  Robin’s advice for the students was simple:robin2L

Life will test you, what’s done is done, move forward with confidence.

I thought of those words as I watched her children at the funeral service on Saturday — battling the grief and shock but knowing deep down that their mom would be anxious that they accept “what’s done is done” — remember what she taught them — and, most especially, that they would carry on with confidence.


Robin and her husband Pete. My favorite quote from the funeral, “It’s really hard to tell Pete ‘No’, unless your name is Robin.”

Costa, Nicole, Jake and Cassie:  Robin prepared you well.  She believed in you and a part of her will remain with you always.  Follow your dreams and continue to build your lives in a search for greatness.


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14 responses to “Kindred Spirits…

  1. todd

    Well said Anne. Robin’s impact on all people that she touched will be a great legacy for years, even generations, to come.

    • Good to hear from you, Todd. I hope that Robin’s life will serve as inspiration for all of us to continue to “carry the torch”. She was a special lady, and would want us all to continue her work.


  2. Well written, Anne. Never heard of Robin until now, but your image is powerful and moving.

    • Thank you, Joe. She likely far surpassed my words, but I do think that she would be very pleased to be respected and remembered. Robin was a very unique lady, and her influence on me will continue far past her time on earth. She took the words “stubborn” and “determined” to a whole different level!


  3. Scott R.

    I was not around Robin a lot but I always appreciated her listening abilities, through analysis of information and great decision making abilities! She will be missed!

  4. Ruth Gerdes

    Robin will be missed for her easy smile, and sharp wit, as well as her passion for ranching and family. As a dear friend in collage, and we all do I only wish to have kept in better touch. We shared so many big memories on the UNL meats team. Who on that team could ever for breaking in new Coach Loveday? Ot the turkey incident, or even the pant hose in Milwaukee. (Certainly not T Roundtree)

    Robin did live life fully, and with great passion. Because of that passion ranching is better off today, than when I lived in the panhandle. Because of that passion or state is a better place to live. We can only hope, and pray that Robin’s passion for life will sustain her family as they move forward in life.

    Thank-you for your wonderful post, Robin would have liked it.

    Ruth Gerdes

    • Thank you, Ruth, for the stories and memories. I appreciate you sharing. There are so very many people that Robin touched during her life.


      • Ruth Gerdes


        I enjoy your blog, and have sent it on to a few other folks. My Mom who is 87 will enjoy it greatly. You speak from the heart with a focus that is so important in our world today. We can chalk this one up to Robin introducing us.

        Best wishes,

        Ruth Gerdes

  5. Rex

    In addition to being a wonderful and generous woman, Robin was always listening, always learning and always trying to do a better job.

    • Yes, Rex, you are so right. Robin had a gift for internalizing what others shared as she always looked for ways to get better. She was an amazing woman.


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  7. Katheryn

    We thought it only fitting that those who read your column might be interested to know that Robin Coulter Lapaeote spirit will live on at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Go to the link above to learn more. Thank you Anne always providing us with topics to learn from.

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