The Super Bowl Farm Family…

For those of you Super Bowl fans that live in Denver and the greater Kansas City area, you were lucky enough to see a wonderful commercial about “moms” during last night’s game.  My friend from Kansas, Debbie Lyons-Blythe played the “farm mom” in a 30 second commercial that aired in 20 cities across the mid-west.

Debbie is the “boss lady” on an Angus cattle ranch in Central Kansas as well as being the mom to five teenagers and young adults.  Debbie participates in a different segment of the beef family than I do as she is a purebred Angus breeder with a cow/calf ranch.  She blogs at Life On a Kansas Cattle Ranch if any of you are interested in getting to know Debbie better!

Please take a minute to watch Debbie’s commercial.  It’s a good one!


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4 responses to “The Super Bowl Farm Family…

  1. Ann Smith

    Thanks for posting this. The series of “it begins with a farmer” ad’s all look pretty good.

    • Glad that you enjoyed it, Ann. Debbie is a neat lady and I think that they did a great job with the commercial.

      I hope that you are staying warm!

  2. Anne, I am so honored that you put me on your blog–but the best part is they don’t actually say my name. Yes they say approx where I am from and our last name appears on the door but we represent a typical farm family!!! That means so much to me because I do love farm life and the values it instillation. The bottom line though, farm moms and city moms haven’t of the same concerns–raising healthy, happy, smart kids has to be #1!

    • Debbie,

      I love the commercial and was happy to share it! I hope that you are having a good trip to Nashville — I am sure that it is warmer there than at home in Kansas. We are terribly cold in Nebraska.

      Safe travels and many thanks for all that you do.

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