Dartmouth Alumni Magazine…

I am incredibly honored to be featured in the January/February Dartmouth College Alumni magazine.  The following article was written by Rianna Starheim, and appeared in the voices in the wilderness section of the magazine.

Many thanks to both Rianna and my alma mater!

Many thanks to both Rianna and my alma mater!

Bullish on Beef

“Two days after graduating from Dartmouth I put on my blue jeans and went to work at the cattle feedyard,” Burkholder says.  “I started at the bottom with a scoop shovel and an hourly wage of $6.85.”  Sixteen years later she owns the place—a 3000-head cattle feedyard in Nebraska, where she works alongside her husband, Matt Burkholder D’94.  She’s also among the leading voices in the national beef industry, determined to reassure a public unsettled by the feedlot horror stories in reports such as Fast Food Nation.

“I was a consumer for a lot of years before I really knew where my beef came from,” Burkholder says.  “I think it’s very important that people have an understanding of what it takes to grow food and where it comes from.”  Burkholder writes a blog, FeedyardFoodie.com, with the goal of making the process of growing U.S. beef—farm to fork—more transparent.  Burkholder also does volunteer work promoting animal welfare and food safety and is one of the leaders in the beef industry across the nation:  She is a director of the Nebraska State Beef Council, sits on the Tyson Fresh Meats Animal Well-being Committee and earned the 2009 Beef Quality Assurance Producer of the Year Award.  “I’ve always been interested by how animals think, and in particular cattle and other prey animals really interest me,” says Burkholder, whose A.B. in psychology comes in handy on the farm.  “I’m fascinated by how their brains work.”

I hope that the weekly glimpse of my life on the farm is both informative and reassuring as you make food choices for your families...

I hope that the weekly glimpse of my life on the farm is informative, entertaining, and reassuring to each of you!


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8 responses to “Dartmouth Alumni Magazine…

  1. Great job on yet another media score. You may want to scan your magazine covers or magazine story articles and put them somewhere (Flickr) that they can be seen/read. Is this magazine article #2 or #3?

    • Thanks Bill. I appreciate the suggestion and the feedback—I will put it on the “to do” list. There have been lots of magazine articles and I have not always shared them on the FYF site as I am unsure as to how interesting my blog readers find them. Much of the information contained in the articles would have been covered here on the blog site so I don’t always put them up. Perhaps I need to do a better job keeping track of and linking to them…

      You can tell that I am far from a professional PR person 🙂

  2. Robert L. Gwilt

    Very nice to see you getting reconized for your efforts.
    Congradulations. Ignore my spelling.

    • Thank you, Bob! I appreciate you always reading my posts and supporting me. This particular article is special to me as it goes to a very unique audience that is not always very fond of “modern agriculture”.

      All the best,

  3. Yahhh Ann… This is so great… what a honor 🙂 You deserve it and I love that picture of you at the top of your post. Keep up the good work.

  4. Rex

    I love the wilderness connection. “In a wild deer state”, many people are not aware of how compatible modern agriculture especially beef production” it to wildlife habitat. Maybe they would be open to another story.

    • Glad that you enjoyed it, Rex. I hope that they will be open to continued communication. It is a bit of a tough audience and consequently has been a challenge to be asked to join in the discussion.

      I hope that you are well,

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