Learning To Share…

Nine years ago today my baby girl made her way into the world.  She was four weeks early, obviously deciding that she was tired of the cramped conditions in my belly as well as spending long days caring for cattle during the Fall Run at the feed yard.

The fall months are marked by cattle coming off of grass pastures and into the feed yard as the growing season comes to an end in Nebraska...

The fall months are marked by cattle coming off of grass pastures and into the feed yard as the growing season comes to an end in Nebraska…

She was a perfectly beautiful baby weighing in at 6 pounds and 7 ounces, and she arrived ready to take on the world.Karyn birth1

While I believe that all of my girls are a gift from God, the circumstances surrounding Karyn’s first four years uniquely changed both my body and my perspective of life.  Unknowingly, over the years, Karyn has propelled me toward adopting my own mantra.

Special times of learning...

When my life is over and I leave this world, I do not want to have any part of myself left.  I want to have used all of my gifts and talents in order to have made a positive difference.

Most fall days, chores keep me hopping from the dark hours of the morning until dusk falls across the prairie in the evening.  As much as possible, I try to include my girls in those chores.  I believe that working with animals teaches focus as well as compassion and responsibility.  It takes the emphasis away from self, and instead focuses the caregiver’s attention on another being.Sept. 30, 2011 054

Just as there is a part of my heart that cares unconditionally, there is also a part of my brain that accepts the necessary life skill of learning to share.  That skill not only pertains to the way that I care for my animals, but it also bridges into every relationship in my life.  Passing that skill on to my girls is of the utmost importance to me.DSC06493

Last weekend, Karyn made her own birthday party invitations on the computer.   She proudly brought them up to show me when she was finished, and my eyes filled with tears when I read her request for birthday gifts.

Don't bring gifts

Bring donations for the local food pantry instead of gifts for the birthday girl…

She may only be nine years old today, but she already is realizing the vital importance of Learning to Share. 

What more could a Mama ask for?


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2 responses to “Learning To Share…

  1. Happy Birthday Karyn. She inspires me daily. I love when you write about each of the girls, but she surely has a special place in my heart and she feeds my soul. Much love, Karyn

    • Little Karyn has a great mentor in you, Karyn 🙂 We all hold you and your family in a special place in our heart as well.

      Sending love to New York,

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