Words to Live by…

My grandfather was an inspiration to many people.  His cheerful optimism served as a magnet which drew others toward him.

Hank was notorious for his “sayings”.  He frequently quoted poetry and had many “catch phrases” that we affectionately referred to as Hankisms.

Between the two of them, there is more than 180 years of wisdom to share...

More than 180 years of wisdom to share…

The largest mentor for Hank in his  adult life was his preacher, Rev. Dr. Samuel M. Lindsay.  The following is a poem written by Dr. Lindsay.  These words served as Hank’s Mantra all of the years that I knew him.


I will talk health—Instead of sickness.

I will talk prosperity—Instead of failure.

I will carry Good News—Instead of bad news.

I will tell the cheerful tale—Instead of the sad tale.

I will mention my blessings—Instead of my burdens.

I will encourage —Instead of criticize.

I will be a friend to everyone.

This mantra lends itself to a wonderful legacy of good will.  I cannot think of a better thing to leave behind as you enter the gates of heaven.

Cheers to a wonderful life, and many thanks to my beloved  Dedaw for all of the love and memories that we shared!


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4 responses to “Words to Live by…

  1. Stephanie

    I see those very things in you as well Anne……the legacy will live on through your words and actions, just like your dear Grandfather.

    • Thank you so much, Stephanie. Your words mean a lot to me. I do not always get it right, but I do try. It is amazing the joy that life brings when you bring a positive perception to daily happenings. Many thanks to you for being a wonderful mentor to my girls.

      All the best,

  2. What a great poem to remember and reflect about your grandfather through. You can tell from your last couple of posts that he meant a lot to many people.

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