Beef…It’s My Comfort Food.

All the while that Megan and I attended the Live Well 2013 workshop in Chicago last weekend, I kept thinking to myself “Why do I eat Beef?“.  There are truly a myriad of reasons why I choose to eat beef everyday; however, my pensive consideration of this question continually led me back to one answer.


Beef is my comfort food…

It is the food that reminds me of the love of family gathered around the dinner table.

This is what it is all about...

It is the food that brings back memories of my dad grilling in the backyard with a smile bright enough to light up the deck.steak dinner 014

It is the food that celebrates my past while also creating new cherished moments with my own children in the kitchen.IMG_3023

It is the food that I reach for to fuel not only my body, but also my soul.

Ultimate T-Bone

I love beef because it does so much more than just provide nutrition for my body.

Beef creates a culture of love and celebration that provides the backbone of our family meal traditions.



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9 responses to “Beef…It’s My Comfort Food.

  1. Rex

    Beef as a comfort food is a great springboard for your talk, because what you do provides comfort for thousands of beef and tens of thousands of people every day.
    Hope all goes well for you

  2. kd

    and on another note…were you affected by the blizzard that hit S. Dak. and Nebr.?? …thinking about all the cattle out in that!

    • No, Central Nebraska only received cold temperatures and high winds. We were very lucky to have missed that storm. My heart hurts for all those who were affected in both Western Nebraska and South Dakota. There are huge numbers of animal losses in some areas. I will never understand the wrath of Mother Nature— she can be horribly brutal at times.


  3. Looks delish! I’m practically drooling here!

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  5. Great post. All I can think of to say is: Amen (plus pork). Whenever asked what my favorite meal is, I think to the foods I grew up with and feed my family today – pork chops, ground pork, hamburger, roast, etc.

    • Thank you, Val. There is something special about creating a family meal together. I love to cook with my children and to both pass down “legacy recipes” as well as to create new ones. It is amazing the comfort that comes from sitting down to a prepared meal as a family.

      It is good to hear from you,

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