Welcome, Tux and Oreo, to the Looney Bin…

God brings us cats. 

We wake up one morning and there is a kitten in the yard crying for a loving home…This actually happens with a surprising degree of frequency at the Feed Yard Foodie house!

Labor Day morning Megan and I headed out of the house to go to the feed yard just before dawn, and before I could back my vehicle out of the driveway we heard a loud yowling coming from under one of our fir trees.  Sure enough, a little off-white kitten was waiting for us.

My two favorite blondes with "Looney"...

My two favorite blondes with “Looney”…

We named him “Lunar” because he reminded us of the moon, but we call him “Looney”.  The girls claim that the nickname is in their daddy’s honor, but he insists that they are loonier than he is…

The future "home" of Looney, Tux, and Oreo...

The future “home” of Looney, Tux, and Oreo…

We are just completing construction on a new steel building/shop behind our house.  The plan is for Looney to live in the shop in the name of  mouse control.  Last Friday, we adopted two more kittens to help him in his task.  I have no idea if “Tux” and “Oreo” will ever catch a mouse, but they certainly are cute.



Karyn and Oreo...

Karyn and Oreo…

We are all anxiously awaiting the completion of our new building.  It will be nice to have a place to store my horse tack and hay, and Matt will enjoy the extra space for a shop and seed storage.IMG_4300

Matt and I seem to spend our lives surrounded by four legged creatures.  I do know that all of our animals bring a smile to my face and, particularly during challenging times, make my heart just a little bit lighter.  We very rarely “actively solicit” pets at our house, but God seems to have impeccable timing and sends them to us when we are in need of a little bit of laughter…

My foreman’s daughter shared the following quote with me recently on Facebook.  It seems to fit perfectly for my life right now.  Perhaps it will also speak to you.

The smile on my face doesn’t mean my life is perfect. 

It means I appreciate what I have and what God has blessed me with…


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10 responses to “Welcome, Tux and Oreo, to the Looney Bin…

  1. Bobbi

    My hubby is not a big fan of cats (especially yellow cats) but likes having them around the farm for rodent control. Last spring we had a terrible problem with small rodents and didn’t have a single cat on the farm. One day I called him and said I was bringing home a box full of rodent control. I was really nervous since I had 2 calico kittens, 2 white/yellow kittens, and 1 yellow kitten. To make it worse the white/yellow 2 have long hair. Our mouse problem was so bad he didn’t say a word about the color assortment I had found. For some strange reason these 5 have found a place in his heart and every morning he is followed by his herd of cats to the barn. It makes me smile every morning when I am pulling out of the yard to work and look in the mirror to see them headed out to do the morning chores.

    • What a wonderful mental picture to take to work with you everyday! Matt and I both love cats. He grew up with them, and I have grown to truly love them (and their antics). Pretty soon your husband will have your son trailing along behind in along with the cats!


  2. Cats are the best in mouse control 🙂 I hope they serve you well and enjoy their new home… they are cuties 🙂

    • They are really adorable—and they make me smile. There is one in particular (Tux) who reminds me of the first cat that Matt and I got when we moved to Nebraska. Willow (the cat) lived for 16 years before we had to have him put down this summer. Tux is likely to worm his way into both my heart and my house…Hopefully the rest of them will make good mousers!

      I hope that all is well back East!

      • LOL sounds like my cat ballerina bell who got into my dads heart and our house at night to sleep, despite my dad saying no animals in the house 😉 I am glad you are enjoying your new additions 🙂
        Things here are getting back to normal after our vacation last week 🙂

  3. When we farmed in Ohio our barn was near the road and people seemed to think that was a good place to drop off. Cats.. Some days we would have twenty cats and others we had four or five. They would get run over since the road was so close and the house was on the other side. We gave every one a cat that wanted one, they would come and go. We had a dairy so warm milk morning and night was a real treat, I know now they say dont’t give cats milk. Ours lived on milk and cat food. I love the pics of the new cats, I am a cat person but right now we don’t have one. Your posts are so varied and interesting, thank you.

    • Glad that you continue to enjoy the posts, Ellie! I bet that the cats enjoyed living at a dairy—warm milk would spoil them for sure. I have a hard time not getting emotionally attached to the animals that live at our house—quite honestly, we haven’t had a cat yet that didn’t find its way at least partially inside of our house. It is going to be interesting to see if these cats remain “barn cats” as they are supposed to be. As I mentioned above, I am already softening toward Tux…

      Great to hear from you!

  4. Gail

    We have the same problem: people dropping cats and dogs off. As it gets cooler we also get the transient cats looking for a warm place with food and water. We pay to spay/neuter any we can catch, better for the cats and in the long run a more stable cat population.

    Two years ago we really got hit with drop-offs. I prayed, asking, “Please, God, no more cats. We go through a large bag of cat food now, so please no more cats.” Two months later, no cats, but someone dropped off 4 very old chickens. (Still here, but I found an emigrant family happy to take them for the soup pot.)

    • Hi Gail,

      That is certainly the challenge of living “in the country”. Our house, like yours, is an easy place to dump unwanted animals. We also spay/neuter everything but I agree that between the vet bills and the food that it gets very expensive!

      I have to admit that no one has ever left chickens for us! What an experience…

      Thanks for sharing.
      All the best,

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