My Sunday Morning Helper…

We run what I call a skeleton crew on Sundays at the feed yard.  One of my guys comes to work to feed the cattle both in the morning and the afternoon, and I am there in the morning to read bunks, check cattle, and exercise any pens that need it.

During the fall months we are particularly busy getting in many younger animals that take a higher level of care.  I often roll my Sunday morning helper out of bed and into the car at 5:45 to provide an extra set of hands.  Megan is not only good help, but her eternally sunny disposition never fails to make me smile.

Pausing for a moment at dawn to try yoga on one of the feed yard fences...

In typical Megan fashion, pausing for a moment at dawn to try yoga on one of the feed yard fences…

One of the added bonuses of having a Sunday morning helper is that I know how many memories and life lessons Megan learns while working with me at the yard.  She is developing a great level of animal savvy, and is on her way to being an excellent cattle handler.  Outside of that, she also learns how important it is to follow directions and take responsibility for both her actions and the animals that we care for.

Here Megan is trailing cattle down the alleyway going back to the home pen at the end of an exercising session...

Here Megan is trailing cattle down the alleyway headed back to the home pen at the end of an exercising session…

Megan is Beef Quality Assurance Certified–having attended two different trainings with our consulting veterinarian.  I also try to take the time to explain BQA care practices to her as we work together at the yard.  I know that hands on training is critical to her understanding and retention of the principals of good animal and environmental stewardship.

Our vet, Ryan O'hare, doing our yearly BQA training at the feed yard...

Our vet, Ryan O’Hare, doing our yearly BQA training at the feed yard…

I truly cherish the time that I spend with my girls.  It is a constant reminder that the best thing that I have done with my life are my three confident and compassionate daughters.


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5 responses to “My Sunday Morning Helper…

  1. Bobbi

    It has been so fun taking Isaak out to do different chores this summer. He loves being outside and seeing the cattle. We started weaning so every evening he gets strapped in the baby sling to walk through the calves and help walk them all to the bunks while dad feeds them. He laughs and jabbers at them the whole time. If he is needing a nap all it takes is a couple minutes in the tractor so he has helped put up a lot of hay this summer.

    • Hi Bobbi,

      I am sure that you will make many memories together with Isaak! One of the best things about living on a farm is sharing chores with your kids. I did not have that growing up, but I thoroughly love being able to do it with my own kids.

      Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  2. I love seeing the bonding with your girls. I am upset with the many parents that think they need to be on their cell phone all the time they are with the kids. This generation of children are losing the art of conversation. They have no recess in a lot of schools, some schools have a no talk lunch period. The kids play video games, eat meals when ever and spend too much time alone. Where are they going to learn to just talk one on one, from the bad movies they are allowed to watch. Okay, that’s my rant, sorry I needed to say enjoy your girls and I know you do.

    • Thank you so much, Ellie! I love bonding with my girls as much as you love reading about it 🙂

      I agree with you and share your concerns. Things have changed so much since I was a child and it makes for a very difficult environment to raise our young folks in. I try to keep my girls busy with chores, sports, and family time; and we have pretty specific rules regarding electronic devices in our house. It isn’t a perfect plan, but it works reasonably well.

      It is great to hear from you. Take care–

  3. My daughter has some game time but it has to be earned with chores. My grandson works on the farm with his dad for game hours, my grand daughter wants money for her work she likes to buy clothes. They both are learning how to work and farm work is hard I know .

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