Striving To Always Get Better…

I pride myself on being a good cattle caregiver.  I recognize that effective care is marked by a myriad of things which ensure quality bovine health.

I believe that no matter how good I am, I can always get better.

Watching talented cattle handlers is a great way to learn...

Watching talented cattle handlers is a great way to learn…

A couple of weeks ago, my crew and I attended a cattle care and handling training conducted by Dr. Kip Lukasiewicz and Dr. Shane Terrell in Elba, Nebraska.  We went on a road trip to meet with crews from other BMG feed yards and to learn from Dr. Kip and Dr. Shane.


Leading from the front of the herd allows for the development of confidence in the animals…

The training was a combination of both classroom time and active cattle handling.  It covered the core concepts of Beef Quality Assurance, as well as basic components of cattle psychology to help us learn to better understand the animals that we care for.

My moment of epiphany during the training came when Dr. Kip said these simple words:

We can never completely remove the stress from our animals’ lives.  Rather what we can do is to teach them how to deal with it, so that they are better able to maintain optimal health as they move through each stage of their lives.

I do not know which Anne this statement spoke the most to:  Anne the cattle caregiver or Anne the parent.  But, I do know that this is powerful advice that will continue to shape my philosophy and increase my effectiveness as a leader and caregiver.

Empowering them to play an active role in solving challenges...

Because I love them, I need to empower them to play an active role in solving challenges…

I think that each one of us, from time to time, is guilty of trying to wrap those that we care for in bubble wrap—attempting to protect them from each and every challenge that comes their way.

Perhaps we would all be better served if we also focused our energy on teaching them how to personally play a role in dealing with challenges…

While my cattle are incredibly different than my children, I am also a leader and a caregiver to them.  This necessitates a personal understanding of a bovine’s unique needs and understandings so that I can help it to learn to deal with stress and stay healthy.

They are vastly different from my children, but I still need to empower them to handle challenges...

My relationship with them is vastly different than what I have with my children, but I still need to empower them to handle challenges…

Like any human, I am challenged by the effective understanding of my cattle as my animals think and perceive the world in a vastly different way.  I must constantly attempt to view the world through their eyes in order to ensure proper care.


I work to empower myself to always search for improvement…

I enjoy the challenge of working with animals.  They invoke a level of empathy that inspires me to greatness.  I am grateful for those professionals that help me to solve the puzzle of bovine animal understanding.  And, I look toward the future with excitement as I am constantly able to improve my leadership and caregiver skills.


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7 responses to “Striving To Always Get Better…

  1. Sue Fan Ferguson

    So true! We will always have stress in our lives but learning how to deal with it protects our mental and physical health. The sooner we start teaching our children the skills to cope with stress, the better off they will be.

    • I agree, Sue Fan! I think that one of the best gifts that I can give to my girls are the “life skills” needed to deal with challenges / stress. It is hard as a parent to step back and watch your children work their way through a stressful time, but letting them do it while offering appropriate support empowers them and builds their confidence.

      It is great to hear from you! I am glad that you enjoyed the post.

  2. My whole job as a counselor is basically teaching people to deal with stressors better and empower to this this in a healthy way. Its never easy and with animals it harder… but with your skills you will be GREAT 🙂 I can tell your girls as well are empowered and cope well with life 🙂

    • Hi Kim,

      Although I have never officially worked in the field of psychology, I have found my background in it to be so helpful during my adult life (with both people and animals). I am sure that you can empathize with that!

      Kuddos to you for your counseling work—that is such an important profession, and gives you the ability to really make a difference in people’s lives.

      Thank you for the vote of confidence! And for the compliment on my girls—I am proud of them 🙂


  3. John Butler

    Nice comments anne

    Well done. Again

    John Butler Sent from my iPhone

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