Life is a gift: How do you plan to share in it?

Today, I am the Keynote Speaker at a seminar for local (Dawson County) high school students who are interested in learning about “Growing Career Opportunities in Agriculture”.  The title of my talk is:

Life is a gift: How do you plan to share in it?

I do a variety of public speaking engagements throughout the year, but being asked to speak to the youth in my surrounding community is really an honor.  Motivating young people to achieve greatness holds a very special place in my heart. 018

America works when everyone works…

There is no such thing as a free lunch…

How can you use your talents to benefit your country and your community?

Matt and I made a life choice when we moved back to our rural community of Cozad.  We looked at our talent set, we looked at our priorities, and we recognized what was going to make us happy. DSC05507

We are dedicated not only to our business but also to our community.  Our professional careers have taught us that working hard is easy when you believe in what you do.  Our personal lives have shown us that volunteering within our community plays a key role in both our happiness and the success of the team that we are so proud to be a part of.alfalfa may14 012

If I can leave anything with the students that I visit with today, it will be:

  • To inspire them to use their God-given talents to make a positive difference with their lives.
  • To encourage them to look at their home communities as the place to build their lives.
  • To motivate them to believe in themselves in order to strive for greatness.

I believe with all of my heart that each one of us was placed on this earth for a reason.  We all have a very special purpose—a unique role to play in the game of Life.  Our success is determined by our individual abilities to be dedicated to the cause, combined with our united effort to work together for excellence.

What I teach them determines not only their future but mine as well...

What I teach them determines not only their future but mine as well…

I will close my talk today with my favorite quote from Aristotle:  We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

How do you personally share in the gift of  life?


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8 responses to “Life is a gift: How do you plan to share in it?

  1. Elaine Bristol

    Excellent reminder this morning! Thanks for all you do, Anne

    • Thank you, Elaine! I really enjoyed the time with the students yesterday–sharing with them always refocuses me on my own goals and priorities. It is a Win-Win situation!

      All the best,

  2. Carol

    You always inspire me, so I’m sure you’ll inspire them as well!

  3. I was wondering if all the male cattle that come in are steers or do you get some that are still intact? That may seem like a strange question but in a big herd it is easy to miss one at times.

    • Hi Ellie, I do not accept steers into the feed yard that have not been castrated. I feel very strongly that this procedure should occur when the animal is very young, and has no place being done at the feed yard. My ranchers are very careful because I insist upon it.

      Great question! I hope that all is well,

  4. Thank you. We just came back from Germany and almost all cattle are raised in barns, we were in a farming area and I only saw three cows out in a small lot. All land is used for growing crops and food. The barns aRe very large and open on both ends, you could see the cows standing inside, there were open sides with shutters to close in the winter which is very cold there. The farmers drive there tractors through town, sometimes with carts for there families. My son said they would own a tractor before a car but use the tractor and cart to go places. We loved the small farming town and could walk to all the small shops, the people were so friendly to us.

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