Many Hats, One Passion…

IMG_3843Megan and I traveled to Denver last week to spend five days meeting with approximately 650 other cattlemen that haled from all across the United States.  Although the group came together from many different parts of the country, wearing a variety of different types of hats, we gathered to share a passion.

  • A passion for cattle
  • A passion for beef
  • A passion for pooling our thoughts and ideas as we strive for continuous improvement

Our discussions ranged from sustainability and animal welfare, to the taste, tenderness and nutrition of beef.  No matter what the subject matter, the theme was a dedication to continuous improvement.

My favorite cowgirl/chef with Dr. Stackhouse-Lawson...

My favorite cowgirl/chef with Dr. Stackhouse-Lawson…

Dr. Kim Stackhouse-Lawson brought us the exciting news that the National Standards Foundation granted certification to her work defining sustainability relative to beef production.  This is the very first time that a biological sustainable system has been certified, and it allows the beef community to better understand our role, as well as to measure, our improvements as we diligently strive for sustainable beef.

Megan and Dr. Thomson...

Megan and Dr. Thomson…

Dr. Dan Thomson inspired us to continue to cultivate a culture of optimal animal care on our farms and ranches.  A veterinarian and world renowned animal welfare specialist, Dr. Thomson has been a wonderful mentor for me over the years as I strive to better understand my animals and be an optimal caregiver for them.


Megan and I finished out the week listening to specialists talk about the taste, tenderness and nutrition of beef.  Although caring for cattle is my passion, my ultimate goal is to provide all of you with great tasting and healthy beef to enjoy.  I always get smarter when I learn the intricacies of what makes my beef both delicious and nutritious!

Is it dinner time yet?

Is it dinner time yet?

As a Director to the Nebraska Beef Council and a member of the National Federation of State Beef Councils, I also play an active role in determining funding for science based research projects relative to beef.  Anne the Achiever loves being a part of this commitment for excellence.

It was a long but very productive week.  Megan and I both learned a tremendous amount as we fueled our continuing passion for cattle care and beef production.  I encourage all of you to celebrate tonight with a mouth-watering steak!

You can feel good about your choice knowing that the beef was raised responsibly

Smile and feel good about your meal choice!


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5 responses to “Many Hats, One Passion…

  1. Karla

    Saw you there Anne — I liked John Huston’s cheer of ‘1 voice, 1 vision, 1 plan to build Consumer Demand’

  2. It sounds like it was a wonderful trip and very productive for you and Megan 🙂 So glad it went so well. 🙂

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