Attending Meetings in Denver While Dreaming of Wildflowers…

This week I am in Denver, Colorado attending meetings related to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Summer Conference.  My favorite cowgirl/chef and I arrived Monday night and we will be “city bound” for the rest of the week.

Despite all of those formative years spent growing up in urban Florida, I do not make the best “city girl”.  After approximately twenty four hours in a highly populated area, I start dreaming of the wide open spaces in rural America that I have grown to love.

As I spent quality time in my hotel room last night after close to 10 hours of meetings, I found myself looking at my wildflower pictures from our trip to Wyoming.  I suppose that a small part of my brain was searching for the peace of the wilderness!

Several of you asked to see my pictures, so I share them with you in an effort to spread just a little bit of that peace…

Pink Indian Paintbrush is my favorite...

Pink Indian Paintbrush is my favorite…

Nature's Bouquet!

How beautiful is this?

This one warms my heart…


It is a fragile beauty

To preserve the colorful paintbrush...

That reminds me to appreciate the little things


And protect the land year after year.

That warms my heart...

A sight that warms your heart is always worth preserving!

While the mountains of Wyoming and the prairies of Nebraska are far away from downtown Denver, a group of dedicated cattlemen gathers  there to share ideas of sustainability and stewardship. 

We work for improvement— striving to be good caretakers of the land, while also proudly raising beef to share with each of you.


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9 responses to “Attending Meetings in Denver While Dreaming of Wildflowers…

  1. Anne,
    Wild prairie, or mountain, flowers do bring peace over a person.

    I hope you and your Cowgirl have a wonderful time in Denver. Remember, you are there for a short time and for a great purpose. Safe travels home.

  2. Jeff

    I thought you were limited to 10 pictures to share? I see what you did there. Clever.

    • Yes, Jeff. I do at times manage to be clever 🙂

      Hope that you all are doing well in Wyoming! Give Silas a hug for us. I am sure that his arm won’t slow him down for long…


  3. I start to feel that way when I’m downtown too! Hope you have a great conference–maybe I’ll see you down there!

  4. I for one was very happy to see the beautiful flowers and know what you mean about being a country girls and when you go to the city longing to be back out where things aren’t so busy and closed in spaces 😉

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