Poignant Moments…

My favorite farmer and I are just getting accustomed to the drama of teenage girls.  Matt casually mentioned the other day that in a few years when our girls are 18, 16 and 13 that he is planning to take a year sabbatical from parenthood.  I imagine that all of you can envision my emphatic response to this plan…


Their innocent smiles may be a bit deceiving…

There are times as a parent when I want to pull my hair out and slam the nearest door; however, there are more times when I marvel at the wonder of what Matt and I have created together.

Last week our family stole a few days and traveled to Northern Wyoming to visit my parents.  It is always interesting to watch my girls interact outside of our farm and small community.

We managed to even tire them out at times...

It’s a bummer when your elders can out-hike you…

Vacationing with the Gibson/Burkholder clan is always lively.  My parents fulfilled a life-long dream about ten years ago when they purchased a cabin just off of the Chief Joseph Highway.

As avid fly fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts, it is truly a paradise for them.  At just a couple years short of seventy, you can still find them spending long days hiking or horseback riding in search of the best trout fishing.

Getting ready for a hike up to a great fishing spot...

The young, the not as young, and the four legged hikers…

Intermixed with these mountain adventures, I found myself having many poignant moments.  The types of moments when you find your heart lodged in your throat and a smile firmly locked on your face.

Somewhere in between the Aspen groves and the mountain tundra at 10,000 feet, I realized that spending a few days away from everyday responsibilities was good for all of us.

Watching my favorite teenager let go of the pressure and simply enjoy the world around her…

The view at 10,000 feet was gorgeous---I don't know which one of them liked it best...

  • The view at 10,000 feet was gorgeous—I don’t know whether AG or the marmot liked it best…Down was easier than up!

Or my favorite cowgirl/chef binding together our family with her antics and eternal sunny nature.

Doesn't everyone want to climb a mountain with a 100# giggling girl hitching a ride?

Doesn’t everyone want to climb a mountain with a 100# giggling girl hitching a ride?


She found something bigger to carry  her up the next one…

  • Or proudly following my favorite eight year old in an impressive “cowgirl up” on a 12 mile horseback ride over mountains and through streams…
    At the end of the 12 mile round trip ride--she even managed to help catch a few trout on beautiful Crandall Creek...

    At the end of the 12 mile round trip ride–you can just barely see the horse trailer in the distance…

    She even had energy left to love her Uncle's new puppy!

    She even had energy left to love her Uncle’s new puppy when she got home!

    The months of summer on the Feed Yard Foodie farm can be nothing short of masked chaos.  My favorite farmer and I do an impressive juggling act, and our girls do a great job picking up the left-over slack.  The three days that we spent in the mountains were a wonderful reminder of those things most important in life.

A special thanks to my parents for being the rock stars of the Bear Tooth Mountains, and also to our loyal crew at home who kept the farm running when we were gone!


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9 responses to “Poignant Moments…

  1. The pictures are beautiful 🙂 It looks like you all had a great time… so happy you all got a break 🙂

    • It was a good time–quality family time is important and can get lost in the shuffle in the chaos of life…Sometimes I have to just take a moment and breathe—I can’t believe how fast the girls are growing up. It seems like just yesterday that we brought AG home from the hospital and she fit in the palm of Matt’s hand. Now she is three inches taller than I am, and her sisters aren’t too far behind!

      I hope that your chickens are acclimating into their new digs. It is amazing how animals are such creatures of habit and view the world so differently from us. Humans look at new buildings/environments with excitement and pride, while animals seem to prefer the “old ones” that they are used to. I think that you are going down the right road with familiar scents / eggs to try and make them feel more at home in the new facility.

      Glad that you liked the pictures–I am likely to put more up as I took LOTS!

      Take care,

      • I hear that kids grow up faster when they are your own. I always felt the kids I nannied years for grew up quickly, so I can only imagine 🙂 Your daughters are growing up like you and their father so you can be proud of that, even if they are taller 😉

        Some of the chickens are acclimating well and other’s are fighting it. Hopefully this week since we will be home more we can encourage the transfer to the new boxes and roosts. I knew it would be hard for them, but this allows us to keep things cleaner and makes it easier for us to get to the eggs and them if needed.

        I am looing forward to more pictures from your trip 🙂

  2. Karla

    The good thing about teenagers . . . when you get thru those years . . .they eventually make you grandparents and you can enjoy them ‘experiencing’ those wonderful years!

  3. Oh I love this post! One of my all time favorites! Miss you guys. Lots of love.

    • Glad that you liked it Karyn. It was a fun one to put together 🙂

      Hope that Middy had a good time at camp. Sending love from Nebraska!

  4. Bobbi

    I sure hope you were not emailing me last week while you were on vacation… It could have waited!!

    • Nope, Bobbi, you are safe. I was sitting at my desk emailing you–we hadn’t left yet—I was waiting for Matt to get home from a business meeting so that he could go with us 🙂


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