Wow that Sustainable Cow!

Just over a year go I published a post called “Wow the Cow”, and it was a resounding success.  Because it fits so well with my current sustainability series, I have revised the post and an edited version appears here.

It always amazes me when I read about all of the different products that come from cattle.  Many times when I think of cattle, I think of beef—but there are so many other products that cattle give us!

For instance, the pickup that my favorite teenager drove last weekend in the alfalfa field while she helped me to take down temporary winter fences would not run without cattle by products.  The basketball that she likes to play with was also made from cattle leather as were the shoes on her feet!

She's not just fueled by beef--many of her favorite things are in part made from cattle products...

She’s not just fueled by beef–many of her favorite things are in part made from cattle products…

The reality is that 98% of the beef animal is used to make products that we all rely on.  Many of those are products other than the great tasting beef that we all normally associate with cattle.  I would like to share some of the other products that are made from cattle.  These products are made from the stuff that is left over after the beef muscle cuts are taken out…



*blood factors (for treating hemophilia, killing viruses, and making anti-rejection drugs)

*Chymotrypsin (promotes the healing of wounds)

*Collagen (used in plastic surgery and to make non-stick bandages)

*Cortisol (anti-inflammatory)

*Glucagon (treats hypoglycemia or low blood sugar)

*Heparin (anticoagulant used to treat blood clots)

*Insulin (for treating diabetes or high blood sugar)

*Pancreatin (aids in digestion of food)

*Thrombin (coagulant which helps blood to clot)

*Vasopressin (controls intestinal and renal functions)

*Vitamin B-12 (prevention of B-complex deficiencies)


Gelatin comes from the connective tissue of cattle and is used to make non-beef food items such as: candies, dairy products, deserts, diet products and jellies.

Household Products

*Candles                             *Ceramics                          *Cosmetics                        *Crayons

*Deodorants                     *Detergents                       *Floor Wax                        *Insecticides

*Insulation                         *Linoleum                          *Mouthwash                     *Paints

*Paper                                *Perfume                           *Plastic                               *Shaving Cream

*Soaps                                *Synthetic Rubber            *Toothpaste                      *Car Polish and Wax


Cowhide Leather!–Which is used to make clothing, shoes, boots, belts, purses, wallets, gloves, luggage and upholstery for cars and furniture, and sports balls.


*Antifreeze (contains glycerol which is derived from beef fat)…

*Asphalt (contains a binding agent made from beef fat)…

*Beef Fats and Proteins are used to make: auto and jet lubricants, outboard engine oil, high performance greases, and brake fluid…

*Glue from beef protein is used in automobile bodies…

*Tires have stearic acid which allows rubber to hold its shape…

Have you thanked a bovine today for all of the things that he provides you with?

Have you thanked a bovine today for all of the things that he provides you with?

Cattle are not only great recyclers converting non-edible feedstuffs into great tasting beef, but they are also highly diverse in the products that they offer to us.

Thanks to the American National CattleWomen for providing the information listed above which helps us to have a better appreciation for all of the products that cattle give to us…

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  1. I remember this post it was a great one and after I read it the last time got into a conversation about cattle and used the things I learned in this post to pint out that even though she doesn’t “eat” beef she still uses “beef” everyday… it made her think which is all I wanted. Thanks for sharing again 🙂

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