Sustainability: Pass It On…

Sustainability: Pass It On...

Sustainability: Pass It On…

The ability to endure is strengthened by an individual’s ability to “think outside of the box”.  I am notorious for stopping my daughters’ mid-sentence as they claim that they cannot do something and simply stating three words: Problem Solving Skills.

I believe that any challenge can be solved with creative thinking, hard work, and a positive attitude.  One of my favorite Mother Theresa quotes speaks to this.  It states:

Often, under the pretext of humility, of trust, of abandonment, we can forget to use the strength of our will.  Everything depends on these two words: “I will” or “I will not”.  And into the expression of “I will” I must put all of my energy.

I believe that our farm can be sustainable both today and in the future.  It is ever evolving and changing in order to endure.  My favorite farmer and I believe that “We will” accomplish our goal of sustaining.  Where there is a will, there is a way.

We must balance environmental responsibility and economic viability with social diligence.

Matt and I accept our responsibility and do our best to always be stewards.  We believe that a culture of sustainability can be created when we teach our children to creatively look for ways to conserve our resources and limit waste.

What follows below is a fun family illustration of how we

Pass It On!

My girls learned their numbers prior to starting school by helping me to read bunks at the feed yard.  One would call out the pen number, another would assess the feed bunk and make a call, and the third would notate the information.

Karyn's "bunk reading" position...

Karyn’s “bunk reading” position…

One morning my two favorite blondes noted that a couple of the feed yard pens did not have pen number signs.  This was problematic for my youngest daughter because she could not call out the pen number if there was no sign to read.  Megan was inspired to action and left this note for Jared, one of my feed yard crew.IMG_2592

Jared has great welding skills, and was able to fashion two pen signs for Megan out of left over scrap iron.  Megan happily painted the signs, and they are now proudly denoting Pen 21 and Pen 25 at the feed yard.IMG_2584

Recycling materials on the farm is common place. I was proud of Megan for automatically thinking of a way to use materials in the scrap pile to build what we needed.  I was also proud of Jared for doing a great job helping Megan to bring her idea to life.

A job well done!

A job well done!

I smile every time that I drive past the new pen signs.  They are a constant reminder that in addition to helping our farm achieve sustainability, recycling materials can also be a fun learning project for the next generation.


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5 responses to “Sustainability: Pass It On…

  1. I love your quote Anne, “I believe that any challenge can be solved with creative thinking, hard work, and a positive attitude.” Personally, I need to work on the creative thinking, I got the hard work part down and most of the time have a good attitude. I find I can endure most anything after a good cup of coffee.

    Sometimes, The Rancher’s creativity and ability to reuse stuff amazes me. I am sure the longer I am home full time I will think more outside the box too.

    • Thank you, Robyn! I agree that many of us (including myself) need to work on creative problem solving skills. It is something that I have consistently worked on since I moved to the farm. I have made a lot of progress on it, but can always get better!

      Good luck as you continue to get better at “thinking outside of the box”.


  2. Funny we both thought “outside the box” on the same day 😉 Good job on the signs they look great 🙂

    • Yes, Megan is pretty proud of the signs. One of them has blue writing and the other has pink. My crew is laughing that we have to put steers in the pen with the blue sign and heifers in the pen with the pink sign 🙂

      Glad to hear that you also strive to “think outside the box”!

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