Flip Flops, Cowboy Boots, Snow Boots?

My favorite farmer loves to downhill snow ski.  He has wonderful memories of childhood family skiing trips to Colorado, and also spent one winter working in Steamboat Springs, CO during college to take advantage of the beautiful mountain slopes.


I have worked with much more dedication to earn the right to wear cowboy boots than snow boots…

I ski like a Floridian who spent her formative years digging in the sand and swimming in the ocean.  My good friend from college competed on the Dartmouth Alpine team, and taught me to ski my senior year in exchange for a few good laughs…

The Alpine skier and the swimmer...

The Alpine skier and the swimmer…

In the last 16 years, Matt and I have taken five or six ski trips back to Steamboat Springs.  I am proud to say that I not only ski the blue trails, but I try to make use of each and every inch of snow as I diligently make my way down the mountain.  My pride necessitates skiing well enough to do the blue trails, my common sense determines my speed…

Two years ago, skiing the blue trail together...I was the last down back to finish the run :)  My baby was still at ski school, but she might well finish ahead of me this year also...

Two years ago, skiing the blue trail together…I was the last one to finish the run 🙂

My older two daughters will likely ski the black trails with their Dad at some point this weekend.  I can promise you that I will not.  I actually find that I ski much better when I can not see my children and, therefore, do not worry about them breaking their necks as they venture down the slopes.

Two years ago, my baby was still learning how to ski---this year she may well join her older sisters wizzing by me on the slopes...

This year my baby will be able to ski the big mountain and may well join her older sisters wizzing past me on the slopes…

I figure that I have enough to worry about getting myself down the trail and then back up the lift…The truth is that I am afraid of heights.  The highest that I like to get is the back of my favorite black quarter horse.

This is high enough...

This is high enough…

Unfortunately, the ski lift is much higher. It took several trips for me to desensitize myself enough to the ski lift that I wasn’t holding on to my husband’s arm with a death grip as we soared above the slopes.

Simply beautiful...

Simply beautiful…

I can admit that the view is beautiful.  God’s paintbrush is as prevalent in the beautiful Rocky Mountains as it is in my own beloved Great Plains.  My greatest love is to be outdoors, so for that reason I enjoy skiing.


Now, if only they would let me ride my horse up and down the slopes instead of taking the ski lift…

Perhaps this weekend I will ski with the fearless abandon of my family—but don’t hold your breath 🙂


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14 responses to “Flip Flops, Cowboy Boots, Snow Boots?

  1. Bill

    Fortunately for you, skiing is an aquatic sport.

    • Bill, it’s been 20 years since we trained together but you can still make me laugh like the good old days…It’s good to hear from you!


  2. Sounds like a great time will be had by all 😉 Have a good vacation 🙂 (If it helps I have never learned to ski well so you are way ahead of me 😉 )

  3. Great post. So glad you are all on the mountain together enjoying the slopes! Have fun and give the girls a hug for us. Love the photos.

    • Day 2 is wrapped up. Lots of smiles and fun. As predicted AG and Megan both are rocking the slopes. Little Karyn skied her first blue trail today with her ski school class. Matt is having great fun and I am holding my own 🙂

      Hugs to you and the girls!

  4. Welcome to Steamboat. Hope you have a wonderful time. Hopefully you will be here for the coming snow. Spring conditions are so icy. We ranch here and I don’t ski anymore and never as well as my husband and son (both grew up here and to them it’s second nature.) I much prefer a nice soak in the downtown pool.

    • Hi Jo, it’s great to be here! Steamboat is a beautiful place. We actually stay up at Clark which I really enjoy. It is more the speed of this adopted rural Nebraska girl. I love the drive into town looking at all the cattle, horses and elk along the way.

      Thanks for reading and dropping me a note!

      All the best,

    • Rex

      Greetings Jo,
      I saw your Leopold video awhile back. Congratulations.

  5. Rex

    Have a great time in Steamboat. If the photos are current, it looks a more promising for our weather this spring and summer. A lot of the snow cat operators are ranchers (or at least thats the way it was 20 yearrs ago)…its one of the jobs in town that helps them afford to stay ranching in the Yampa Valley.

    • Hi Rex,

      These photos are actually a couple of years old–look for new photos in this coming week’s FYF posts. Compared to two years ago, I did not think that there was quite as much snow.


  6. Mary Laura

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the kitchen sign, and I loved Megan Anne’s note. The sign just jumped out at me and I couldn’t resist. I have some more treasures coming for other family members. I hope you had a great time skiing. I agree it is a bit frightening. I can also tell you, that as a veteran of competitive trail rides that involved steep hills in Connecticut, you wouldn’t have liked that hill any better on the back of your sturdy horse! 🙂 Still scary.

    • I agree, Mary Laura–I think that I am just a “flat lander” at heart! I managed to enjoy the ski trip and our family had wonderful times on the slopes. We got home last night (Sunday) with no broken bones and lots of smiles 🙂 FYF posts this week with share some of those laughs and a beautiful poem that Ashley Grace wrote about skiing in the mountains.

      It’s great to hear from you!

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