Celebrating 38 years…

Today I turn 38 years old.  I am celebrating my birthday representing the cattlemen of Nebraska at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association convention in Tampa, Florida.

I am lucky enough to have my favorite farmer with me!

I am lucky enough to have my favorite farmer with me!

As I enter a new year in my life, I find myself counting my blessings…

Most of all, I am thankful for my beautiful family and the life that we have made on the peaceful prairie.  I am thankful for the natural resources on our farm that allow Matt and I realize the dream of using our hands and our minds to grow nourishment for the world.

Today, I salute all of my fellow Nebraskans and send a heartfelt “thank you” for welcoming me into your communities and into your lives.  Please know that your acceptance and love means the world to me.

It is my greatest hope that my toils bring a small part of prosperity to our wonderful state.  Although my birthplace was the beaches of Florida, my heart will always lie in the prairies of Nebraska.


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19 responses to “Celebrating 38 years…

  1. Dawn C.

    Happy Birthday! Much joy to you and yours.

  2. Hope you have a wonderful Birthday! Laurie

  3. Bobbi

    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the warm weather in Florida!!! Looks like you may be coming home to winter in Nebraska!!

  4. Sue Fan Ferguson

    Happy Birthday, Anne, and many more! xoxo SF

    • Thank you, Sue Fan! My favorite 10 year old chef threatened to make a cake and eat it all before I got home…We’ll see tomorrow if she really did!


  5. Happy Birthday Anne!


  6. Robert L. Gwilt

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady and best wishes to you and
    your family.
    Bob Gwilt

  7. Happy Birthday! I am happy you are doing what you love on your birthday 🙂 You are an inspiration 🙂

    • Thank you! We just got home and it is good to be back in Nebraska 🙂 I wish that the good fairy had done the laundry while I was gone, but it is great to see my girls and get caught up with them on their adventures for the past several days. It is always bittersweet to travel because I do not like to leave my daughters and all of my animals…


      • I know what you mean… maybe not about the girls (I can imagine), but definitely about the animals. I wish your good fairy did the laundry too 😉 Glad you are home safe. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday, we have had perfect weather for your visit. I hope you got to go to the state fair and see some of our live stock.

    • It was truly beautiful weather, Ellie. I was a bit unfortunate that I spent so much time inside in meetings! I did not get to the fair b/c I left my daughters at home in Nebraska and needed to get back to them as soon as the meetings were over. I hope to get to the Florida Cattlemen’s convention someday as I have met some wonderful men and women involved in beef production from my home state!

      It is great to hear from you. I hope that you are feeling well.


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