Proving That We Care…

Just a couple of weeks ago, a social media friend forwarded me an email that she had received from a reader.  The email was a cry for help from a fellow mom.  It seems that her daughter, after repeatedly watching horrific videos of animal abuse on the internet, had refused to eat any animal products.

I do not have that added challenge with my daughters because they help to raise the beef that we eat.

I do not have that added parenting challenge with my daughters because they help to raise the beef that we eat.

Concerned about both her daughter’s nutritional needs and the abusive videos, the mom was reaching out to online farmer bloggers in an attempt to find out the truth.  When I sent a link to several videos of my farm to the mom, she responded “Why can’t I find these when I search on YouTube?  These are the types of videos that we need to see!”

The short answer to that question is that search results on YouTube are ranked according to number of views.  This means that the more views a video has, the more likely that it will show up when you search a topic.  I have uploaded four “home-made” videos to YouTube over the last year—they have a total of only 1500 views.

This one is my favorite–it is my 10 year old cowgirl/chef exercising cattle at the feed yard to the tune of her favorite song “Fly Over States”.

  • I love this video because I am proud of my daughter and what a great cattle caregiver she is becoming.
  • I love this video because it shows the simplicity of good cattle handling.
  • I love this video because of the calf with the white spot on his head that kept asking Megan “do I have to” when she asked him to move.  Megan frequently looks at me asking the same question…

    Where did the trust go?

    Where did the trust go?

Twenty years ago, trust existed throughout the food production system.  Farmers were viewed positively, and those outside of the farm believed that farmers had integrity.  Today, that trust is gone.  I believe that this loss of trust is one of the biggest travesties currently affecting our great country.  Quite simply, it hurts my heart to know that many people do not trust that I care.


My brain recognizes that it is my duty to not only care, but also to document that care in an attempt to rebuild that trust.  The daily care that I offer to my animals is now accompanied by record keeping and documentation that will verify that I not only care, but that I am competent in that care.

My other job---paper work!

My other job—paper work!

Animal Care is the second pillar of the Progressive Beef program.  It is one that I believe in with every fiber of my being.  Outstanding animal care is a trademark of my feed yard.  Progressive Beef has provided me with both a documentation trail, and also a third party independent audit to bring additional integrity to my promise of high quality animal care.

Rest assured that you can feel good about feeding my beef to your family—it came from healthy and humanely raised animals.  You don’t have to just take my word for it!

I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.

Pablo Casals


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8 responses to “Proving That We Care…

  1. Love the video and the post… the mom is right that it is easier to find the bad stuff on sites like You Tube then the good videos. Hopefully this will help her daughter and others like her. 🙂

    • I will tell Megan that you like her video–she was really unsure last summer when I told her that I was going to video her exercising calves. She got pretty nervous but she did just fine. I truly love to have her help me, and she obviously loves it too because she get herself out of bed at 5:45 to tag along!

      I agree about the videos–there are so many negative ones out there and those are the ones that tend to go “viral” and are viewed by so many. I firmly believe that there are many, many farmers out there doing the right thing—I just wish that more would tuck their camara in their pocket in order to share their experiences!

      Take care,

  2. Rex

    Megans video is has been seen more than many of the videos launched from the website. Your truth about factory farms video has almost 17,000 views compared to the pervert farming crowds videos with over 50,000 views.
    Thank you Anne and Megan,

    • We do our best to put some good videos out there—it is up to others as to whether they decide to watch and share them. Megan loved doing this video–it was a great learning experience for her!

      Thanks for commenting Rex.

  3. my five year old daughter wants to work cattle at our feedlot now….I mean NOW she already wanted to but now she thinks she is old enough…Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Amber,

      So glad to hear that you enjoyed the post! Good luck with your little cowgirl. Megan was trailing along behind me when she was five 🙂

      All the best,

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