Feed Yard Foodie in the Social Media News…

This week has been a bit undisciplined for me in terms of blogging.  The steady Tuesday and Thursday blogger that you all *hopefully* have grown to love has spent a good portion of the first half of this week working on social media outreach.  The scheduling of it actually worked out quite well as I had no new cattle to acclimate into the feed yard and had a few extra moments to devote to the virtual world.

My favorite quarter horse waiting for me to let him out to graze.  He was a bit "frosty" Monday morning...

My favorite quarter horse waiting for me to let him out to graze. He was a bit “frosty” Monday morning…

On Monday, Megan and I ventured into our new series of Meatful Mondays on the blog, and I also wrote a guest blog post that was featured on Faces of Agriculture.  You can see the post here:  http://facesofagriculture.blogspot.com/2013/01/anne-of-feedyard-foodie.htmlA big thank you to Jamie and Elizabeth for including me on their site!

On Tuesday, the BlogHer women’s blogging network featured a post that I wrote describing the ties that I see between spirituality and growing food.  You can see the post here: http://www.blogher.com/feeding-body-and-soul-look-how-growing-food-enhances-our-spirituality?wrap=blogher-topics/green&crumb=179.  Megan is particularly excited about this feature because her picture is up on both the “Green” and the “Life” section pages of BlogHer with a link to the article.

Megan's "famous" picture featuring the post on BlogHer...

Megan’s “famous” picture featuring the post on BlogHer…

She jokingly asked me last night if she was going to be so famous that she couldn’t go out and eat in restaurants anymore…I reminded her that just about everyone in our small town of Cozad knew her prior to her big moment of fame, so her life would not drastically change!

BlogHerBadgeIn all seriousness, being featured on BlogHer on two different section pages is really a thrill for me.  Please be sure that you click on the link to the article and feel free to share it with others.  A big thank you to Heather Clisby, BlogHer editor, for featuring my writings!

DSC04069 - Copy

The temperatures have warmed the last few days which makes working outside much nicer. A high of 40 degrees is much better than one of 10…

Looking ahead, I am going to be sorting and receiving new cattle at the feed yard so the next Feed Yard Foodie post will be Monday with another recipe from Megan.  It appears that this week, you get to hear from me on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday instead of the usual Tuesday and Thursday…Enjoy!


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7 responses to “Feed Yard Foodie in the Social Media News…

  1. Thank you for contributing to our site – it was an honor to share your story!

  2. Great job on the articles 🙂

    • Thank you! I really love the post that is being featured on BlogHer. It is me–who I am and why I do what I do with my life. I enjoy seeing it resonate with other people who share some common ground with me in one way or another.

      Take care,

  3. Kerstin

    Looking forward to the new posts! And I love the “frosty” picture!!! =)

  4. Eleanor Roosevelt stated that new days come with brand new energies and new thoughts.
    I would like to thank you for putting new ideas into my head.

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