A Favorite Christmas Gift…

Our family had many wonderful Christmas gifts under our tree this year.  My favorite gift, however, never seemed to make it into a wrapped box underneath the tree.

Who can resist something this cute?

Who can resist something this cute?

About four weeks ago, a half grown and very thin gray kitten showed up at the feed yard.  I’ll never forget the day that we first saw him.  It was a Sunday morning and my daughter, Megan, was reading bunks with me.  As we drove down the second alleyway, I glanced up in the gate-way of Pen 17 and saw him sitting there.

It was a really funny sight to see a little gray kitten sitting amongst a group of large bovines.  When I pointed to him, Megan’s eyes lit up and a huge smile filled her face.  She hurried out of the vehicle, but the kitten scurried away before she could get to it.IMG_2208

In the weeks that followed, we had many sightings of our new friend.  My cowboy started putting food out for him everyday, and it did not take too long for the little guy to start to trust us.  Pretty soon, he was using his claws to climb up our coveralls and cuddle in our arms.

My favorite 8 year old couldn't resist him either...

My favorite 8 year old couldn’t resist him either…

As he got friendlier, he also got much more helpful…Trailing behind me in the alleyways as I exercised calves—Helping my foreman to bring up cattle for processing (vaccinating)—A couple of times, he even tried to aid us in “herding” cattle onto the trucks when they were shipped to harvest.

My crew named him Cow Cat.

Here is Cow Cat underneath the heat lamp that I use in the winter to keep my vaccine from freezing while we are working cattle.  The night before the temperatures had gotten down to zero so he thought the heat lamp felt pretty good!

Here is Cow Cat underneath the heat lamp that I use in the winter to keep my vaccine from freezing while we are working cattle. The night before the temperatures had gotten down to zero so he thought the heat lamp felt pretty good!

 My daughters named him Mr. Whiskers.

Whatever name you call him, he is a love.

He is our favorite Christmas gift this year—Mr. Whiskers AKA Cow Cat has a new address.

My girls are pretty excited about the Christmas gift that they gave to their Grandma...

Every cute Christmas gift needs a red bow…

My daughters gave him to their Grandma.  I do not think that leaving the arctic temperatures of “December outdoor cat life in Nebraska” and entering the warm and comfortable house that my husband grew up in was much of a sacrifice for Cow Cat…If it was, then he must have enough of the Christmas spirit in him to be a good sport…

It looks like Grandpa likes him too...

It appears that Grandpa likes him too…

What was your favorite gift this Christmas?


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14 responses to “A Favorite Christmas Gift…

  1. How cute… cow cat is adroable. 🙂 The girls seem to really love him (and Grandpa too) 🙂 We got a few nice gifts… really enjoyed a pot for the wood stove we got to cook in incase of power outage 🙂

    • Power outages always make for interesting times! We have had several since I moved to Nebraska in 1997. We have generators to run everything at the cattle feed yard, but that doesn’t get dinner cooked 🙂

      Your pictures of snowy Virginia are just beautiful!

  2. Bobbi

    My favorite gift came Wed before Christmas!!! Even though winter temps, driving conditions, and farm challenges showed up with the snow we REALLY needed some moisture!!!! For some reason the past 3 years there has been snow and ice to deal with when we ship our steer calves to the feedlot, but I didn’t complain this year 1 bit… Hopefully we keep getting some moisture..

  3. Caroline McMahon

    The love of our large family is always the best gift to receive. This story reminds me of my cousin. They recently had to put the family dog down and it was hard on all the family. So much to their surprise, on Thanksgiving a stray black lab showed up at their door. It looked like it was lost for days and in need of a bath and food. They reported the dog to all the local agencies and had the vet check for a micro-chip. After 3 weeks of no inquiries they decided to name their new pet Chance (as in 2nd chance). He has been a God send and a handful, but he fits right in with his new family. Wishing your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Caroline,

      What a wonderful story–and a familiar one to me! All but one of our cats and one of our dogs are “strays” that found their way to our family. God has an amazing way of filling the gaps that are created when a pet dies. My experience is to be patient and wait for an animal in need to show up and ask for love 🙂

      We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that you did as well. It is great to hear from you. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Anne, Cow Cat/Mr. Whiskers is so sweet! Incidentally, my favorite gift was my dog Ella. She was born about a month before my birthday in 2001, and we picked her up about a month after. She is, as you say, a love. My son and I are lobbying for a couple more puppies and a cat 🙂

    • Aimee,

      You are obviously an natural animal lover just like me! I cannot imagine our life without all of our “critters” as my husband calls them. They each bring something unique to the family, and all of them teach my girls responsibility and compassion.

      Good luck in your quest to acquire more furry friends. I look forward to hearing how it goes 🙂


      • We have to persuade my husband. I think he’s fine with more puppies, but he says he doesn’t like cats. They, however, gravitate to him. I think a sweet kitten or two would grow on him.

      • My husband would tell you that everyone needs a cat (at least that’s what he told me when we got married and bought a house). After 16 years, I have to admit that I agree with him. Today I am as big a cat lover as he is!

        Good luck!

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