Who I am…

Earlier this fall, a camara crew from the Angus Association (Angus is a breed of cattle) tagged along with a group of graduate students from the University of Nebraska and made the trip out to the Feed Yard Foodie farm.

It was a typical windy day at the feed yard: exercising calves, feeding and checking the health of our animals.  I talked with the UNL students about the practical implementation of holistic cattle care and Beef Quality Assurance in a feed yard.

While I always enjoy when students come to learn at the feed yard, this particular visit was extra special for me because of the YouTube video embedded below.   I am so thankful to the Angus Association for putting together this five minute video of me and my cattle.

  • This video explains who I am.
  • This video states what I believe in.
  • This video is my mission statement.DSC03747

I am Anne Burkholder.

I am proud to raise cattle and grow your beef…

Please take a moment to click below and watch it if you missed it on RFD TV last week! Please pass it along to every one that you know that has questions about a cattle feed yard 🙂


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8 responses to “Who I am…

  1. Loved this! i need to get blogging and catch your enthusiasm. . . keep up the good work.

  2. Desta

    Great video, Anne. Thanks for all you do to educate consumers about how American beef is raised & inspiring us all to share our stories. I love your blog, you set the bar high!

    • Thank you so much, Desta. I really appreciate your feed back—it is always good to hear that someone likes my writings! I hope that you will keep reading, and share your story as well 🙂

      All the best,

  3. Great post we enjoyed the video on RFD-TV and then again here. We agree it is important to know where our food comes from and glad you are part of this.Quick question we see the cows have two to three tags on their ears.. red, yellow, and white. What does each mean or help you to know?

    • Glad that you enjoyed the video! One of the ear tags was placed in the calf’s ear at birth and designates the genetics (which cow and bull) the animal came from, one of the ear tags was a certified PVP tag that qualified the animal for an Age and Source verification program–required for some domestic and export markets, and the last tag was a “cowboy” tag. All of the animals in each pen have the same color “cowboy tag” with a group number printed on it. That helps my cowboy and I know what pen the animal belongs in—in the event of the calf getting out of the home pen and wandering around the feed yard.

      Great question!

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