The Call Of The Mountains…

A striking Wyoming mountain scene…

My parents bought a cabin in northwestern Wyoming about 10 years ago.  My dad’s lifelong dream was to retire to the trout streams of the Rocky Mountains, and this cabin made that dream a reality.  The laid back western pace and the neighborly community attitude are an added bonus to the many trout that my parents search for during the summer months.

Passing the dream down to future generations…

The girls and I go visit every summer, as I too feel the call of the beautiful Wyoming mountains.  We ride horses, hike trails, and fly fish for those elusive little creatures that live amongst the sparkling streams.  It is a time of joy for all of us as we experience the nature of our neighbors to the west.

The thrill of the catch…

The feel of fall and winter is in the Nebraska air.  We have already had our first snow, and Ashley Grace and I exercised calves and checked cattle last Sunday with a dawn temperature of 17 degrees.  In honor of the passing season of summer, I want to share a poem that Ashley Grace wrote about Wyoming.

Inspiring beauty…

This mountain’s floor

is heaven’s door

with pretty flowers

and nice rain showers

a bubbling brook

runs through a nook

of a mountain scene

that could be a dream.

My fledgling poet…


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2 responses to “The Call Of The Mountains…

  1. Dawn

    lovely poem, as usual, Ashley Grace! The men in my family, husband and 3 sons, just returned from a trip to Wyoming (one of my husband’s absolute favorite places) and through South Dakota. The pictures are absolutely stunningly beautiful! What a special place.

    • Thank you, Dawn. I will pass your compliment on to Ashley Grace! You are correct, it is truly a beautiful place. I am glad to hear that “your boys” had a good trip!

      All the best,

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