Corn Harvest…

In the spring we plant the seed with the hope of moisture, sun light and growth…

With a bit of grace from God, combined with a bit of help to control the weeds…

It grows through the summer months…

We water it with sprinklers when the rains do not come…

Or on some fields we use gravity flow irrigation through pipes instead…

All while protecting our natural resources so that they can provide for our family and for you…

It grows to be taller than my “Ivy League Farmer”, and makes seeds and fiber which will nourish both us and our animals…

In the fall, the plant dies and we harvest its spoils…

The Golden Jewel of the Midwest…

A combine harvests the Jewel…

Tall, Strong, Golden

They sway,

in the wind.

Farmer’s pride

Combine time

harvest season is here.

The corn is picked

leaving bare, desolate fields.

Until next summer,

I bid you well, O Corn

the Midwest’s Jewel.

Poem by Ashley Grace


Filed under Ashley Grace's Corner and The Chick Project..., Farming, General

5 responses to “Corn Harvest…

  1. Sue Fan Ferguson

    Great job AG! Your words paint an amazing picture–keep up your writing!

    • Hi Sue Fan! I will pass along your encouragement—it is always good for AG to hear it from someone other than her mom 🙂

      I hope that all is well in Florida,

  2. Dawn

    That girl is soooo talented!

    • Thank you, Dawn, for making me smile. She is a neat young lady and it is fun to watch her find her way in life 🙂

      Thank you also for being such a loyal reader of Feed Yard Foodie. It means a lot to our family.

      All the best,

  3. Sally Gibson

    Good poem, Ashley Grace. You have captured the message of your mom’s article and you communicate your love for Nebraska. Love, Grandma

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