Hats Off To The Haymaker Cross Country Team!

I love youth sports.  I especially love Cross Country.

The focus, the intensity, the determination…

I love my community–its youth, its spirit, and most especially its camaraderie.

The bond that is established in the search for victory…

I love it when youth work hard, establish goals, and realize their dreams.

Basking in the glow of the realization of a goal—obtaining a 3rd place finish at the Conference Championships—while also sharing the joy with a new friend and competitor…

I love it when I can share even just a small part of that beautiful accomplishment.

The 2012 High School Girls Southwest Conference Championships…

I know that what these dedicated kids learn on the Cross Country course will help them to be successful contributors to the country that I love so much…

The drive to work hard for both personal and team success is a critical life skill.

Thursday night, I proudly watched my favorite team place all varsity runners in the Top 15, with every one of those runners receiving ALL CONFERENCE honors.  I watched my daughter lead the Junior High team to score three runners in the top 10.  I watched a team of more than 40 Junior High and High School kids push themselves to realize success…

AG strode ahead to beat both of these girls—despite the untied shoe that threatened to fall off…

Today I am proud and my heart is full.  Although Ashley Grace’s 7th grade Junior High season has come to the end, both of us are looking forward to traveling to Ogallala to watch the high school varsity runners continue the proud tradition that Coaches Dustin and Alisa Favinger have helped the Haymaker CC athletes to build.

Sharing the dream—making memories to last a lifetime…

Today I am thankful to every one of these athletes for bringing joy to my life, and I look forward to many more proud and happy moments as I cheer on my favorite Haymaker Cross Country team!


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10 responses to “Hats Off To The Haymaker Cross Country Team!

  1. Sally Gibson

    Congrats, Ashley Grace! Coach Howell will be very excited to hear about your run. For all of you, he was Anne’s high school coach and he is still coaching. This dedicated coach frequently asks about Annabelle and her family. Again, way to go, AG! Love, Grandma

  2. Herbert C Gibson

    Anne and Ashley: I am proud of your running achievements and this one is special. your resolute and continuous work and continued discipline is remarkable and and a pathway to sucess in all things. Granddaddy

  3. Dustin

    Anne, you are always so articulate and able to put into words what others miss when thinking about sports and teams. It has been an honor to have your family be part of our team and we are looking forward to the years to come!

  4. Matt Burkholder

    I want to mention another great moment. Today at the Cozad PT 5k the six varsity girls runners finished together, holding hands, with their arms in the air. I wish I had a picture. It is great to see a team that is so close and so much a team. That is something that will stay with them a long time.

    Just to brag a little: Megan and Karyn ran the 2 mile run/walk and finished in 17:52–about 4 sec ahead of their father.

    • Jed Droge

      Thanks for coming! We loved to see people from our community out moving this morning!

      Anne, great blog post!

      • I am so sorry that I wasn’t there to run with the family this morning, but I have 226 newly received calves that required my attention at the feed yard. I, too, am happy that the community got together to run.

        Matt, I am glad to hear that my two favorite blondes beat you this morning! It must be their Mama’s genes that make them run fast enough to beat their daddy 🙂


  5. Rex

    I am excited for you.
    This is great testimony that you are part of a class that is good for each other and you will do great things with joy.

  6. Georgia

    Anne, &Ashley Grace
    Great page stumbled upon this tonight…Who knew!

    • Hi Georgia,

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I am so glad that you enjoyed the post and hope that you will continue reading 🙂

      All the best,

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