It is in Giving of Ourselves That We Receive…

I love the Prayer of St. Francis.  In particular, I love the passage that reads “It is in giving of ourselves that we receive”.  If I were to put my life’s ambition into words, it would be these words of St. Francis.

I believe that it is both an honor and a duty to share of myself.  There are days that I do it well, and there are days that I struggle.  I suppose that is what makes me human.

I love to be their Mama, I love to be their coach and their biggest fan…

My first duty is to my family and to my animals.  They keep me pretty busy.  Raising animals is a bit like raising a toddler—they seem to always need something!  Although it brings me tremendous joy, my children generally always need something too…

Their care is important too…

My spare time is limited, but I am committed to sharing it as best as I can.  One of my favorite ways of sharing is to work with young people.  Whether in a swimming pool, at my feed yard, or in a classroom setting; I love to work with youth.

Even though I manage a cattle feed yard, there is a part of me that will always be a teacher.  That very special part of me comes from watching my mom’s lifelong passion for inspiring young minds.  From Shakespeare to Gabriel Marquez, Mrs. Gibson makes literature come alive in her high school classroom.

Three generations of contributors–I have had good mentors in my life…

The topics of animal welfare, cattle handling, Beef Quality Assurance, and learning to tell the personal story of agriculture are very different topics than the literature that my mom teaches.  However, it is my hope that my passion and teaching effectiveness give credence to the magic that occurs in Mrs. Gibson’s class.

Our youth is our future.  Their minds are powerful and their excitement is contagious.  Harnessing that power and enthusiasm, and combining it with a good work ethic and the proper knowledge ensures the prosperity of tomorrow.

They make a difference in my life, I hope that I make a difference in theirs…

Melanie and her dad came from Missouri to spend a couple of days with me this summer. I look forward to following Melanie’s progress as she goes through college and becomes the next generation of great cattle caregivers!

Hopefully my words inspire this group of college students during a recent visit to the University of Nebraska…

  • I am thankful for my young athletes who learn that hard work is the basis for success.
  • I am thankful for the young people who make the sacrifice to travel to my feed yard and spend time learning “hands on” how to care for cattle and raise beef.
  • I am thankful for Nebraska’s university system and its educators who periodically ask me to share my knowledge with their students.

Most especially, I am thankful to be a contributor, and every time that I see a young person benefit from my efforts my heart fills and I am reminded why I love the prayer of St. Francis so much…

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