Fueled By Beef and Determination—Destined To Win!

Fueled by beef, determination, and hundreds of miles of running my favorite 7th grade cross country runner brought home her first Junior High Cross Country victory Tuesday evening.  The course was hilly and the temperature was in the 90’s but she demonstrated a toughness that made her Mama proud.

Striding to the finish in 1st place…

She laughs that it was her “good luck shorts” that brought on the victory, but we both know that she won this race with each one of the miles of practice that she put in this summer.  The euphoria of victory is so much sweeter when it comes with the realization that the best things don’t come easy.

Every 6:30 am run this summer brought her one step closer to victory…

In her Mama’s eyes, she attained victory before the race even began.  Victory occurred when she learned to set goals and self-motivate to achieve them.   Victory came with the realization that having a passion for something and working hard to full fill that passion is what life is all about.

If you missed the precursor post regarding my daughter’s summer running “habit” click here: https://feedyardfoodie.wordpress.com/2012/08/23/250-miles-stronger/

This is a very special medal, but the real prize is the work ethic that had to come first…

I tease her that it is her Mama’s home grown beef that makes her run so fast.  She rolls her eyes and says, “Mother”…But, I would like to point out that the muscles that are clearly visible in the victory picture at the top of this post are the product of a good balanced diet that includes daily portions of beef.  The girl’s got (ZincIronProtein) ZIP and holy smokes does she ever run fast!


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9 responses to “Fueled By Beef and Determination—Destined To Win!

  1. Dawn

    Congratulations Ashley Grace! Job well done!

  2. Dustin

    This really needs a “like” button!

  3. J Cooper

    Congrats AG, nice performance under tough running conditions!

  4. Sue Fan Ferguson

    Way to go, Ashley Grace!!

  5. Congratulations Ashley!

    From my experience showing livestock there is as much mental preparation to winning as there is work. Determination, hard work and a little luck are a great combination. I have to agree, one can’t go wrong with a little ZIP too!

  6. Carol

    Great job, Ashley Grace! I’m looking forward to seeing you run on Saturday and maybe take home another 1st place. Hard work doesn’t always produce 1st place results, but it sure feels good when it happens!

  7. Erik

    Congrats Ashley. Sweeter than the success is knowing that all of those hours training are not done in vain and build character. Great Job!

  8. Robert L. Gwilt

    Way to go Ashley.You definitely have your mothers spirte.
    Bob Gwilt

  9. Thanks to everyone above for the great words of encouragement and support for Ashley Grace. We are both so grateful!


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