The 21st Century Family Farm…

We are simply two determined people who love the life that we are building…

When I received a phone call from a Bloomberg reporter from Washington DC about two months ago asking for my opinion of the Farm Bill that was circulating throughout Capitol Hill, I had no idea that he would decide to pitch the idea of a article about our farm to his editor and catch a plane to visit our farm near Cozad, Nebraska…

What followed were a volley of phone calls, a long day on our farm in May, a second visit again in June from the photographer, and quite a few more phone calls as the press deadline quickly approached.  I have to admit, I experienced a myriad of emotions during this entire process.

  • I was excited that someone thought that our life was interesting enough to write about.
  • I was nervous about my ability to share the extent of the love and the personal commitment that Matt and I have toward our farm.
  • I was just plain scared of what the end product would look like since I had no control over it.

    The next generation of determined Burkholders…

Those of you that follow me on Facebook are aware by now that the article about Matt and I and our farm appeared in the July 2-July 8th issue of Business Week magazine.

For those of you that have not seen it, here is the link to the story:  In addition to the story, if you click on the left hand side of the page at the first picture (the one of the Will Feed, Inc. sign) adjacent to the printed story, then you can see the slide show of photos that the magazine chose to use along with the print story.

My farm is both my livelihood and my passion—When you care about something that much it is a very personal thing to share…

Thursday’s post will have my thoughts on the article, the pictures, and what I learned from the experience.  Matt and I shared so much with the magazine’s team while they were with us, and I find it incredibly interesting to see what things resonated with them and ended up in the article.  I would love to hear feed back from you all as well so feel free to comment!


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10 responses to “The 21st Century Family Farm…

  1. Bill

    I’m eagerly waiting for Matt to make the cover of “Manure Today.” Great Job to both! You do seem to be creating a road map for a modern, successful farm.

  2. I am laughing, Bill. Matt has been a really great sport about having the media hanging out with us and I am very thankful for his patience! This is his absolutely busiest time of year so having *extra* things for him to do is tough.

    Glad that you liked the article.

  3. Congratulations on such big press, Anne! Your farm’s success, innovation, and focus on consumers is refreshing and hopeful amid the often contentious debates about food production in our country. I thought the article presented your operation in a positive light, but I’m interested in reading your thoughts Thursday.

  4. Robert L. Gwilt

    What a great article nice to see Ag shown in a positive light.
    Love your blog Ann.
    Bob Gwilt

    • Thanks Bob! I agree that it is nice to see agriculture and food production show cased in a positive light—I was glad to be able to be a part of it.


  5. Paula

    Positive, accurate story about being in the business of agriculture today. Enjoyed learning more about your family farm. Nice photos, too. Thanks for making time for this media opportunity.

  6. Congratulations on the article – well done!

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