Fitness Is A Personal Choice…

I remember going for runs with my dad when I was in elementary school.  I think that I did my first 2 mile fun run in 2nd or 3rd grade.  My dad is a life-long runner and never got out of the habit when he retired from the Army Reserves.  He is still an active runner and walker today at age 67.  Fitness has always been his choice and he passed that on to me…

The habit of running paid off with two Florida Cross Country Team Championships…This championship was my junior year in high school–my teammate and I individually took first and second places and all five of our scoring runners placed in the top 20.

I also remember vividly when our family got our first VCR player.  I was in high school.  I came home from swimming practice one night with a friend, and heard very strange noises coming from the family room.  My friend remarked, “What is that?”

It was my dad, trying out his new VCR player and turkey calling instructional tape.  His sole reason for purchasing the VCR player was so that he could practice his turkey and duck calling prowess and become a more skilled hunter.  Apart from the embarrassing moments of friends stopping by while my dad practiced his unique skills, the VCR and TV remained virtually unused at my house.

Instead of watching TV, our family went for runs or did various other outdoor activities (including putting those turkey and duck calling skills to work hunting on ranches in Central Florida).  By the time that I graduated from high school, I could hunt, fly fish, run, swim, and sail with the best of them…

I shot a wild hog on my 13th birthday. My brother was my “guide”…

It would be pretty easy to say that I grew up in a very active and fit family.  Just about the only thing that we did not do well was sit still…Fitness and activity were an integral part of my upbringing and they still play a huge role in my life today.

I spend my days working with large animals at the feed yard.  When I come home, my hobby is working with and riding my horses.  I also still run, walk, and swim pretty regularly.  It seems as though the only time that I sit still is when I write blog posts!

I love to care for animals…

You could argue that I weigh 110 pounds soaking wet because I have good genetics, but I believe it to be much more than that.  I believe that my personal choice to be active and to eat a balanced diet also plays a large role in my physical stature.  There is no secret to my diet—I simply balance my food intake to include protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, while also balancing my activity level with the amount of chocolate that I eat (yes, I love chocolate dearly…).

I love to be active…

It seems as though every time the radio news comes on, someone is talking about the growing problem of obesity in our country.   In fact, I just heard the other day that Mayor Bloomberg of New York City decided to issue ultimatums curtailing the sale of beverages that contained sugar in order to combat the problem of obesity.  As I heard the radio announcement, I thought to myself fitness is a personal choice.

I volunteer many hours coaching the youth in my community because I believe that they will learn good life long habits of fitness by participating in athletics…

I teach my girls that every action has a consequence, and I believe that wholeheartedly.  Food choices and exercise are personal decisions, and they each play a role in our physical fitness.   Perhaps the answer to combating obesity is encouraging our youth to be active—fitness habits are learned early in life.

I not only “coach” my daughters, but I also lead by example and compete in the same swimming meets that they do thereby reinforcing that exercise is a life long habit…

The time that I spend with my girls achieving fitness is time that I truly cherish.  We not only train our bodies to be healthy, but we also build an invaluable loving family relationship.  Fitness and family fun go hand in hand—What is your favorite fitness activity to do with your family?


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4 responses to “Fitness Is A Personal Choice…

  1. MeganS

    I truly believe that when you make exercise and activity part of your everyday life you really never even know you are doing it! The habit is just that, a habit. Just like the habit of pulling a Diet Coke out of the fridge every day for breakfast or sitting your kids down in front of the tv every afternoon so you can “get something done”. I was a college athlete (volleyball) and have always made exercise important in my life. We eat more healthy at my house since my Mom was diagnosed with diabetes (thank you having a 10lb baby at 41!) and it has been a great change to our lives. We don’t cut things out of our diet, we eat them in moderation so bring on the beef! I love putting my kids in my Bob double stroller (my Cadillac) and we run around our little town. I also take an exercise class that involves my kids so we all get to experience fitness! Thanks for the blog and keep up the good work helping kids realize their potential!

    • Those are all great ideas and thoughts, Megan. You are so right—exercise is a habit and I also believe it to be a very healthy habit! Thanks for taking the time to comment and keep up the great work exercising with your kids 🙂

      All the best,

  2. bertesq

    Anne: This recognition and your following and impementing an active life requiring physical fitness and excellance is the highest reward and nicest gift to me and all of your family and others around you. I am impressed above all with your coaching and leadership skills and the fact that you aim to do every thing well and achieve it as a matter of routine. You made a choice and are able to make a big difference for those around you. I am proud! Love, Dad

    • One of my “life goals” has always been to “make a difference”, and my life is often driven by that personal desire. I love to work with kids as a coach and it brings me a tremendous amount of joy to watch them develop self confidence as well as physical strength.

      I am glad that I make you proud—you and mom have always been good mentors for me.


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