Feed Me Regularly…

I laugh that when Matt and I were married he had to promise to love, honor, cherish, and FEED ME REGULARLY!

Just a 10 days short of 16 years ago…

I do not know if it is the years of serious athletic training or just my metabolism (quite probably both), but I am not an easy keeper when it comes to food.  To put it in agricultural terms, my feed conversion (the amount of feed required to maintain my body condition) is not very good.

I now share my love of athletics with my own girls (my youngest is pictured here) and other youth in my community by coaching and also swimming with them!

Now that I am not a competitive athlete, my eating schedule has become more relaxed (I believe that my husband would say that my use of the word relaxed in this instance is very relative).  However, I do not miss very many meals…

Interestingly enough, my cattle are very similar to me in this instance.  They are creatures of habit when it comes to a feeding schedule, and being fed regularly is very important to their health and growth.  In order to allow them to maximize their God-given potential to grow and make beef, I need to be very consistent with the timing and the type of feedstuffs (feed ingredients) that I feed to them.

We begin to deliver breakfast about 6:45 am and try to have all of the cattle fed by 9:00 am.  In addition, we try to make sure that the feed is delivered to every pen with less than a 20 minute variability on a day to day basis.  We also try for consistency in the afternoon feeding that my children laughingly call linner (a combination of lunch and dinner).

The Breakfast and Linner Wagon!

The consistency of timing and care for delivery of that feed sets my animals up for success.

So, what do I feed them?

Wet Distillers Grains (the co-product of ethanol plants–what is left of the corn after the ethanol is extracted)…

Rolled Corn…

Ground Alfalfa…

Ground up corn stalks and wheat stubble (the roughage or forage part of the plants)…

Supplement mineral pellets…

All of this feed is put on the feed truck with a pay loader, and mixed on the truck for breakfast and linner feedings…

Loading feed to mix in the truck box and take to the cattle…Linner is about to be served!

In addition to tracking the timing of feed delivery, we also track the loading of our feed ingredients to ensure that the cattle receive the correct amount of each type of feed for every meal.

My yearling heifers on grass pasture about 10 miles from the feed yard…

I believe that when you take cattle off of grass pastures where they can feed themselves and put them into a feed yard where they cannot, that you take a personal responsibility to always offer consistently good care to each animal.  Everything that we do at the feed yard revolves around delivering high quality feed and care to our animals—365 days a year.

They give of themselves to offer our animals the best possible care in order to grow the best possible beef for you!

I am proud of my crew for their hard work and dedication—my three guys give of themselves every single day to help me to offer the best care and make the highest quality of beef.  Their dedication is a testimony to their tremendous character.  They understand the importance of feeding them regularly and make personal sacrifices to achieve that goal.


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9 responses to “Feed Me Regularly…

  1. Anne,
    Looks like you have some pretty fun “feed models.” I too have to be fed timely and regularly. It kind of drives the Husband crazy!

  2. That totally should have been in my wedding vows! I tend to get “hangry” (hungry and angry) when not fed. Thanks for the post!

    • My husband rolls his eyes when I remind him of his “special vows”, but he has really done a pretty good job of keeping them!


  3. Nebraska Farm Wife

    Hahaha!! Thanks for the giggle I love the vows!! I too am 1 of those that if I were a cow, I would have been culled for poor feed conversion and terrible fleshing ability. The first thing my husband learned that when the wife needs a snack that it was in his best interest to make sure we make arrangements to feed me!!!! He can go ALL day without eating I am not sure how he does it!!! I tell him he vowed to love me in “sickness and in health” and an empty stomach is a sickness!!! LOL Happy Tuesday!!

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  5. Kathy Foust

    Dear Anne and Nebraska farm wife,
    I am so envious of you! I am just the opposite, I am the easy keeper. When a young girl I was so jealous of many of my friends because they were also like you, when at my home they would fill their plates and I was always watching what I ate. (My Mom was the best cook in town) . I was active on the farm, swam every day I could, played softball and basketball, also volleyball, rode horses, helped haul hay, rode tractors, drove farm trucks, worked cattle. (I was the only child, so I was called on to help do it all)
    I admit that nowadays, 63 and counting, I have slowed down a lot, however, I work a full time job off the farm, and for the last 12 years have ran the ranch by myself and recently inherited my parents land, I still do a lot of the work, but do have a helper to assist the heavy stuff. I love the cattle and hope to continue raising beautiful black and charlois calves until I’m in my late eighties, like my dad did. (I hope to retire the job in a few months) so life will be a little easier.
    Keep up the good work!
    Kathy in OKLAHOMA.

    • Hi Kathy,

      It is great to hear from you and to know that you dream of raising cattle for many more years! I, too, hope that I will still be caring for animals when I get into my 80’s. I truly cannot picture a life without them.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. You sound like a busy lady!


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