An Unexpectedly Cute Surprise…

When Megan and I took the horses down to check our pasture cattle last weekend, all of the heifers looked good…

Coming out of the trees to see Megan and I…

These animals are yearling heifers (females that are 12-15 months old).  We grew them on our grass pasture this spring.

Megan and Magnum riding through the cattle to check on them…

They will come into the feed yard next week because they are Age and Source verified cattle and need to be harvested before they are 21 months of age for the value added program.  It is almost time to place them on feed so that they will be finished by their necessary harvest date in October.

Dandy (my horse) is helping me to check the calves out also…

Apparently Dandy, Magnum, Megan and I all need glasses because one of these heifers was three days away from calving and we did not notice…In our defense, these heifers were not supposed to be “bred” so it never occurred to us to look for signs of an impending birth…

Archie called me yesterday (Thursday) afternoon to tell me that our head count had increased by one down at the pasture…

My girls have named the calf “Husker” due to his pretty reddish coat.

Husker will remain on the grass pasture with his mama until it is time to bring the cattle to the feed yard. Then he will go home with Archie to live on his farm…

It was an unexpectedly cute surprise to have a little one born on our pasture since we do not *usually* have breeding animals.


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7 responses to “An Unexpectedly Cute Surprise…

  1. Dawn

    I never tire of watching the miracle of the calves (or lambs, kids, piglets, etc.) being born. It just stops me in my tracks every time. What a great surprise!

  2. What a nice surprise for the girls! We have babies all the time around here it seems, but it’s still just as exciting every time. I’m assuming you were told they were open when you bought them?

    • Yes Jamie, they were “open” or non-bred heifers. This heifer must have been bred while still nursing on the cow. I talked to my rancher yesterday and he was very surprised!


      • That is surprising! Although I once had a show heifer that was very young and supposed to be open also – imagine my surprise when I walked down to the barn to feed her one day and she had a calf with her! It happens!

  3. Nebraska Farm Wife

    Even as our calving season has ended seeing a new born healthy calf ALWAYS brings a smile to your face!!!! Something about baby calves that can give you a great feeling about life!!! If I am having a bad day, 10 minutes in the pasture watching them (even if they are not doing anything too exciting) fixes the attitude!!!!

    • I agree, Bobbi, watching the new life puts your life back into perspective. That is one of the reasons that I like spring so much—It makes me appreciate the beautiful world that I am so lucky to be a part of.

      I hope that you are having a good day!

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