Summer Goals…

When I think of words to describe myself the following come to mind:

Creature of Habit

Goal Oriented



Empathetic (at least I try to be!)

My three girls and two of their good friends at a track meet last weekend. I look to my kids for honest feed back—their actions often speak louder than their words!

I asked my girls to think of five words or phrases to describe me and this is what they said:

Animal Lover

Hard worker

A Passionate Believer who tries to cause others to also believe…



Because I am a goal oriented-hard worker, I love my children, and I am annoying and opinionated; I had each one of my three girls make a list of goals to achieve this summer.  Because I believe in leading by example, I made a list of goals for myself as well.  I would like to share my goals and my oldest daughter’s goals with you…

My Goals

  1. Keep my children engaged and learning through the summer months through athletics, reading, and helping with the blog…
  2. Continue to work hard to set my animals up for success so that they can make healthy beef using the fewest natural resources…
  3. Support my husband as he makes his way through the crazy, busy, and tension filled haymaking (alfalfa) farming season…

My favorite 12 year old is learning that success goes hand in hand with hard work. Her first place finish last weekend in the 1500m in a time of 5:48 was fun to watch…

My Favorite 12 Year Old’s Goals

  1. Run 200 miles to earn the right to have her name on the 200 mile Cross Country Runner plaque…
  2. Read 100 books…
  3. Learn what the term optimal trajectory means and figure out how to calculate it for things…

It appears that both AG and I will be busy this summer.  Evidently, I am going to have to add optimal trajectory to my list so that my 12 year old will not be smarter than her mama!

Did you make summer goals this year?  If so, what are they? If you were asked to describe me, what words would you choose?


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10 responses to “Summer Goals…

  1. I have A LOT of summer goals but just to name a few:
    1. Host an elementary girls basketball camp through my internship
    2. Run twice a week (at least 2 miles for each run)
    3. Learn to water ski

    • Head out to Cozad–I’ll teach you to water ski! Matt and I both love to ski 🙂

      Sounds like you have a good summer lined up, Jaime.


  2. Nebraska Farm Wife

    Our list is endless but these are on the top right now….
    1- Clean and organize the shop and our barn
    2- Get some gates and fence fixed around the yard BEFORE we wean calves
    3- Spend some quality time with my husband. This does not include things like fixing fence together, putting up hay together, working cattle together…….

    • I am laughing at #3—good luck with that one…Our only quality time outside of our farm includes activities that our children are doing!


  3. Thanks Ann, you got me thinking I really didn’t have any summer goals, I always set some at the beginning of the year. But rarely take time to set goals for summer as it is usually my busiest time. But here goes. Since I do not like heat these are my indoor goals when it is most hot.
    1. Work on book #2 at least 1/2 hour per day, 5 days a week. (slow and steady to keep me inspired.)
    2. Do Yoga or zumba workouts 1 hour at least 3 days a week.
    3. Watch Nascar races with hubby even if I find it rather boring, he likes my company.
    4. Go fishing and play cribbage with my Dad.
    5. Take my Mom to a few yard sales.
    6. Get DJ ready to go to Buck Labor Day weekend since I was going to take Sorry, but she has a pulled muscle and needs time off.
    7. Help with VBS.
    Ahh, that is enough seven is the number of completion.
    Have a great day Anne.

    • Good list of goals, Sherry–you will certainly be busy! Megan and I are looking forward to coming up to your place to ride the end of June.

      Take care,

  4. Great blog post! A couple things I’m planning on doing this summer are:
    – Both my son and I participate in the Summer Reading Program at our local library
    – Join the Couch to 5K class at the Rec Center in our county
    – Make salsa from my garden

    • We have a great summer reading program at our local library as well. It is fun for the kids to participate in. AG has inspired me to try and get back into running so I can empathize with your Rec Center class! I always feel better when I exercise, so I am thankful that my kids inspire me to stay active—it also makes chores on the farm easier when I am in good shape 🙂

      Good luck with your salsa–that reminds me that I need to go out and weed my vegetable garden again!

      Thanks for stopping by to read and comment.

  5. SF Ferguson

    I would have to pick the word”determined” which is also the word my parents used to describe me!
    Your godmother

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