Happy Friday–The Feed Yard Foodie Clan Rocks the Track!

When two kindred track lovers get together they make a new generation of runners and jumpers!

My favorite 12 year old…She inherited her grit from her mama and her speed from her daddy.  This picture was taken with one lap to go–I love the expression on her face.  She is a tough kid and easily won the 1500 meters in a time of 6:13.

My favorite 10 year old loves to “fly”—Whether it is on the back of her horse or into the long jump pit. She has her eyes set on her Auntie Lara’s high school long jump record…

My baby (age 7) won both the 100m and 200m. Her quickness amazes me, and her focus makes me proud…

Matt and I have both loved helping to coach the Cozad Youth Track team this spring.  We have about 10 more days of track fun until swimming meets take over for the summer.  Go Haymakers!


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10 responses to “Happy Friday–The Feed Yard Foodie Clan Rocks the Track!

  1. Dustin Favinger

    Sounds like you should be proud of them!

    • Coach Fav,

      I am so very proud of them. It is great fun for me to teach them the work ethic skills needed to be successful and then watch their confidence build as their bodies become as strong as their minds. What a great way to learn important life lessons while also building a healthy self esteem.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  2. Stephanie Rush

    Thank you for always giving your time to help all of the Cozad athletes, no matter what their sport of choice is! We appreciate YOU!! :o)

    • Thank you Stephanie–

      It is such fun for me to help the kids to realize their dreams. I enjoy my “coaching” time tremendously and hope that the kids get as much out of it as I do!


  3. 1500m champ; 200m; 100m champ?! Flying? Awesome!

    • My favorite 12 year old would also like me to point out that in addition to winning the 1500, she also won the 800 and the long jump…

      Yes, they are awesome 🙂
      Thanks Bill.

  4. It is so important to keep kids physically active; from the farm to the track and in the pool!
    I’ve taken to running since I was training for the Lincoln Half Marathon on May 6th running for Nebraska Team Beef! It’s a great feeling after going for a good run! 🙂

  5. Robert L. Gwilt

    Really great to see your girls doing so well and they are as beautiful
    as there mommy.Enjoy the weekend.
    Bob Gwilt

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