Take the Feed Yard Foodie Cattle Handling Challenge!

We look just as young today as we did 16 years ago when this picture was taken!

I come from a long line of teachers.  My beloved Grannie taught 4th grade for 40+ years, and my amazing mom is still stimulating and educating young high school minds on the art of literary critique and essay writing.  As she so eloquently states, “my students keep me young!”. I believe that interactive learning is important, so I am inviting all of you to Take the Feed Yard Foodie Cattle Handling Challenge!

My favorite 12 year old remarked last night that I had been doing too much pontificating lately..

I always try to follow her advice so, to mix things up a bit, I would like to do an interactive series looking at cattle handling.  Now, as you read this, you should not get that same “sinking sensation” in your stomach that you used to get when you forgot that there was going to be a quiz and showed up to science class completely unprepared…I will not be grading your efforts, and I promise that participating will be FUN!  However, the amount of FUN that we have will be contingent on your enthusiasm and willingness to participate (please don’t let me down here, this will only work if you all watch the video and answer the questions!).  I laughed to my husband last night that I could offer signed copies of the American Cattlemen magazine as Cover Girl to the folks that participate, but he looked at me like I was crazy so I scrapped that idea…

Participating is easy: Step 1: watch this video of the beginning of an exercising session with a group of cattle (it is about 4 minutes long). Step 2:  answer the questions listed below about the video.


1. True or False: At the very beginning of the video, as I walk down the outside edge of the pen to the gate, I swing my outside arm back and forth to both get the cattle’s attention and move them away from the gate.

2. True or False: The cattle remember where the gate is located and are interested in exiting the pen.

3. The animal that challenges me right after I enter the pen, is what color? A. Black, B. Black and White, or C. Mousey Brown.

4. True or False: You can tell that the animal is challenging me because it knocks me over on my behind…

5. My walking pattern while working with the cattle is comprised of A. Circling or curved movements or B.  Straight lines and angles?

6. True or False: These cattle are very lazy and have no energy as they exit the pen in the middle of the video.

7. How do I respond when the cattle begin to walk past me and exit the pen?

8.  True or False: I walk directly down the alleyway behind the cattle without ever changing my angle to them after they leave the home pen.

Extra Credit:  Name three ways that these cattle are either similar or different than the cattle in the last cattle handling video that I put up a few weeks ago.  Here is the link to the last video if you missed it:

You can leave your answers either in the comment section of this post or send them to me privately via the Ask Me section of the blog.  Next Tuesday’s post will talk about both the video and the answers…Have FUN!


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4 responses to “Take the Feed Yard Foodie Cattle Handling Challenge!

  1. Robert L. Gwilt

    1-True 2-True 3-C-Mousey Brown 4-False 5-A 6-False 7-Calmly walk
    Behind 8-False

  2. Carol

    1-True 2-True 3-C-Mousey Brown 4-False 5-B 6-False 7-You maintain the same pattern of walking back and forth behind them. 8-False Extra Credit: 1. The cattle in the previous video were not really paying attention to you when you first entered the gate. 2. Some of them were still quite distracted by food. 3. None of them challenged you. 4. They weren’t in any particular hurry to get through the gate.
    Anne, I don’t have access to American Cattlemen magazine and would really like an autographed copy if you have an extra!
    Also, I never got around to commenting on the “pink slime” issue. I hadn’t even heard of it yet when you first broached the topic 3 wks. ago, so I was glad to hear about it from you first. Then, when I did start to hear about it on the media (and they really do make it sound awful!), I was glad to have the truth from you. As you know, my husband, works for a much larger feed yard than yours, so I read him your blog post and he forwarded it to work to share with them. He also contacted Seth Denny and Colleen Williams at NTV to ask them to get their facts straight. I haven’t seen them retract anything, though.

  3. 1. True; 2. True; 3. Mousey Brown, and he continues for quite some time. 4. False; 5. I saw some of both, but mostly circular. 6. False, 7. You wait at times and then continue your circular pattern, back and forth. 8. False, I felt this is when you were more angular rather than circular like when you were in the pen. I also like the way you backed off when they did the right thing;; ie. went in the direction.
    I didn’t look at the other video again yet, but since you take horsemanship lessons from me, I wanted to mention that you have a very strong focus and intention especially in the intensity of your walk. Your strides are longer and more definite than when I see you with your horse. You even look a little more confident with the cattle to me. So I suggest you use this same kind of stride, intensity, focus and confidence to get that Dandy backing better instead of so much wiggling of the rope.
    Thanks for sharing the test with us Anne.

  4. 1. True; 2. False; 3. C.; 4. False; 5. A.; 6. False
    ; 7. You move away from the gate while continuing to walk in a drunken fashion.; 8. False

    Extra Credit: The cattle in the current video know how to move clockwise; In the other video, they only knew how to move counter clockwise. The cattle in the current video know the gate’s location. These same cattle are far more afraid of you that the previous cattle, probably because you punched Bob the steer last week after he made the mistake of challenging you.

    Oath: I did not read/review the answers of others prior to this reply.

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