Movie Night With Feed Yard Foodie…

A long way from the Lily Pulitzer clothes that my mom used to buy me...

It has been a while since I posted a video clip from the goings on at the feed yard…

The YouTube video link below shows me taking cattle out of the pen for an exercise session…

If nothing else, it has probably been a while (for most of you) since you saw a short lady in coveralls handling cattle…My fashion sense seems to have changed a bit…



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8 responses to “Movie Night With Feed Yard Foodie…

  1. If I was the person in that video I would still be in that upper corner, arms waving & feet running…..because there is always 1 who won’t move with the group !!! The kids think I look funny chasing cows.

    • One of the things that I try to teach my animals is to move as a group. This is really important when a lone handler is moving a group of animals. You might have noticed in the video that I grouped the cattle before asking them to leave the pen. I encourage the animals to trail together which alleviates the challenge that you are talking about. This particular bunch of animals are calm and handle the pressure that I placed on them well—responding appropriately and trailing in a straight line to exit the pen. I would need to act differently with a wild or flighty bunch of cattle b/c they would not respond well initially to the pressure that I placed on these animals in the video. It is all about reading your animals and responding to them! Thanks for watching and commenting! Anne

  2. Great work and a very positive image! Tame animals are great and the above comment gives some really great tips.

  3. Dawn

    Well done Anne! Well done!
    Listen to that Nebraska wind blow……

  4. Steve Duke

    very nice….I didn’t see any that ran pell-mell which means calm handling by a pro!

  5. cowdoc lana

    Every day a slightly less short lady moves pregnant cows around here – but because I am her I never get to see her – so it was nice to see me do what I do even thought it wasn’t me 🙂 thanks it was fun!

    Because I expect to have my cows for years I train them to follow – it is easy when we are walking to new pasture when rotational grazing – coming back up though I usually have to use the pressure release method you showed – especially with the silly babies, bouncing, curious babies. I have found that one way to really sharpen your handling skills, esp if your cows have little to no slight zone, is to move the baby calves, sort one out from the group, move them away from the cows –

  6. Carol

    Pretty cool, Anne. Looks pretty much like when you point your finger to tell your horses it’s time to go in!

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