Out Of The Mouths Of Babes…

Whenever I speak to a group of students, I always ask them what the two most important skills are that they need to master.  I get some interesting answers, although I rarely get both of the ones that I am looking for…

So, what do I feel are the two most important skills that our young people need to learn?

  1. To coherently express their thoughts verbally in an organized manner—Public Speaking Skills!
  2. To coherently express their thoughts in written form in an organized manner—Writing Skills!

I am a firm believer that these skills are imperative, no matter what path your life takes.  I spend the majority of my time non-verbally communicating with animals; however, I still use these two skills regularly.

Walking down the aisle at graduation a few moments before giving the Salutatorian Address...

My love for public speaking started early in my life, and continues to this day.  I speak to groups of cattlemen, I speak to groups of veterinarians, I speak to politicians and their staff members, I speak to student groups.  This list could go on and on, and I love every minute of it.  My Feed Yard Foodie site is a testament to how important I feel decent writing skills are.

My three daughters claim that I pontificate at home about the need for them to develop these two skills.  My middle daughter has recently realized an interest in writing, and my husband and I are trying our best to foster that interest.  One afternoon before Christmas she came home from school and wrote the essay that appears below.  She is very excited to be a guest blogger at the young age of 9!

I would like to title the essay: “Out Of The Mouths Of Babes”, and I think that you will understand why when you read it

The cowgirl turned writer...

The Reasons Agriculture is Important To This World

By Megan Anne Burkholder

I think Agriculture is important because it provides this WORLD with a large supply of food! A lot of the world depends on Nebraska and neighboring states for their meat! I live in Cozad, and where is Cozad you might ask? Well, it is in the middle of Nebraska! In other words right in the middle of the world’s meat supply!!

            Agriculture is also important with crops like alfalfa, hay, corn, and wheat. Farmers help supply us with corn on the cob, corn and alfalfa pellets to feed to livestock, hay for livestock, wheat for flour and flour for bread! That’s a big job for the 2,204,792 farmers in the United States of America–plus, a few farmers from other countries too!

            There are a LOT of people in the U.S.A! Still, farmers only make up 2 present of all Americans! That’s not a lot if you ask me. They work hard, trying to survive in the world because President Obama keeps increasing our taxes and regulations.

            Farms are struggling because they don’t have enough money; there are too many taxes; and too many regulations from OSHA, the Labor Department, and EPA.  For a farm business there are a lot of rules to follow! For example I mentioned OSHA; well OSHA is having EVERY employee in the U.S.A wear a harness if they are 4ft off the ground! That is NOT a very high point!! (If OSHA found Cozad Elementary they would make kids were harnesses on the PLAYGROUND!!! That would be terrible!)

            Did you know that the Department of Labor is trying to make it illegal for me to go with my mom to her cattle feed yard to help her work? That’s terrible because my mom says that I make her work more lively, go quicker and more fun to do! That is a compliment! I like to help her do her job and she likes to teach me to do her job correctly! Together we are a perfect match to get the work done quicker and have a little fun doing it the right way!

            I don’t get to help my dad much at his dehydration plant. Most of equipment is too dangerous for me to be around. So when he is at the plant and my sisters or I are with him, we have to stay in the office with the kitty cat. But when he is out in the fields working with NO dangerous equipment, we are allowed to help him.  This fall I got to help him take soil samples on his farm—it was hard work getting the samples out of the ground!

            Well, that is my life and why I think Agriculture is SO important to the world. I am sad that not everyone understands why agriculture is so important.

Quality time shared together helps her to understand the world that she lives in, as well as to develop those important life skills...

It is both my right and my duty as a parent to teach my children.  I must not only share my life with them, but also teach them the skills that they need to be productive participators…The world is run by those who show up with skills and a desire to participate!



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7 responses to “Out Of The Mouths Of Babes…

  1. Brian Scroggin

    Love it! She hasn’t had a run in with DEQ or DOT yet?

  2. Stephanie Rush

    Great work Megan! Proud of you and your writing skills!!

  3. Excellent post Anne and Megan! Sounds like the future of Ag has a great young voice!

    Mom also stressed the importance of verbal communication. Sister and I gave 4-H Speeches, PSA’s, demonstrations and were very active on the Livestock Judging Team.

    I have loved writing since I was in upper elementary school. It is exciting to read the quality work of your 9 year old daughter.

  4. I can’t say that I am the best speller in the world but I would rather share my story the best I can then not tell it at all!

  5. jamie

    Well sounds like Megan would be a really good member to have in FFA now too bad cozad doesnt have that. She is really passionate about agriculture and would be good in FFA.

  6. great job, a natural , she expressed her views so well and I agree with her all the way.

  7. Karyn

    great piece Megan!

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