Ashley Grace’s Thoughts…Are You Proud of Your Country?

My grandfather was the second in command on a submarine during World War II.  When I think of the responsibility that weighed on his twenty three year old shoulders, I am in awe.

Now in his nineties, he shares his passion for bird watching with my children when we travel back to Florida to visit...

Last week my oldest daughter competed in a Veterans of Foreign War essay contest in honor of Veteran’s Day.  She won first place for her essay which was entitled “Are You Proud of Your Country” and read her essay at the Pot Luck Veterans dinner in our town on Friday evening.  I would like to share it with all of you and make her my first “Guest Blogger” (although those of you that visit “Ashley Grace’s Corner” have read some of her poetry over the past few months).

Are You Proud of Your Country?

By: Ashley Grace Burkholder

VFW 6th Grade Essay Contest

Pride.  Pride is the shining star inside each American’s heart.  Young or old, we all have pride.  My mom says, “Americans are lucky because we have lots of great opportunities.” I am proud to be an American, to live in the land of opportunity, and I will tell you why.

America is the land of opportunity.  Opportunities are a reason that I am proud of my country.  One opportunity is to live in a free country.  We are free to choose what religion we practice, who we vote into office, and what language we speak.  Another opportunity is public schools.  Every child is entitled to a no-cost education if they desire.  Each American should feel proud of the opportunities we possess.

In addition to opportunities, I am proud of our country because we help others in need.  Did you know that the United States is sending troops to Sudan to assist them in finding peace and establishing a productive government?  The United States has also helped many other countries including Iraq and other countries in the Middle East.  Our country also helps people find a better life in the land of opportunity.  This fact should make all Americans proud.

Last, but not least, I am proud of my country because we are a democracy.  According to Webster, democracy means government run by the people.  Since we have a democracy, America has been blessed with political peace and leaders that the people approve of.  Also, because of our democracy, we have the privilege to vote.  Voting is a privilege, not a right, and we need to grasp the chance to make our opinion known.  Once again, this should make all U.S. citizens proud to be Americans.

As you can see, I am proud of my country for many reasons including:  opportunities, the assistance we give other countries, and our democracy.  Now that I have shown you why I am proud to be an American, I have a question for you:  Are you proud to be an American?

I am proud of my daughter…

I am proud of the fact that I am raising my daughter to appreciate her country, the opportunities that her country offers to her, and the proud men and women that work hard everyday to keep our country and our opportunities safe…

I am proud to be an American farmer whose toils produce the safe and healthy food that nourishes my fellow countrymen as well as those in need outside of our country’s boarders.

I am proud to be an American…


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2 responses to “Ashley Grace’s Thoughts…Are You Proud of Your Country?

  1. Robyn

    Awesome job Ashley!
    Matt and Anne – you are doing an amazing job as parents and that essay is proof! Your hard work at home and at the feedlot is paying off.

  2. Mr. Gogan

    Ashley great essay. The thing that makes any skill/talent even better is being able to go back and fix the little things. I find your paragraph on the United States being a “democracy” very interesting. If only we would have gotten to that in class a litter sooner :). One question that came to mind for me as I read the essay centered on this statement, “America has been blessed with political peace and leaders that the people approve of.” Do you think that the timing of this “topic” had anything to do with the approval ratings of our current and former presidents? Do you think our current feelings towards war made those creating the topic feel that we have lost pride in our country? Finally, spot on with the voting being a privilege. Remember our talk in class about how even some that do vote are still not being effective, as they are uninformed.

    Enjoyed the essay and look forward to your thoughts on my questions.

    Mr. Gogan

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