A Two-Legged Creature of Habit…Foodie Work!

Those of you that have followed Feed Yard Foodie from its inception might remember a very early post entitled:

Creatures of Habit: Two legged and four legged. https://feedyardfoodie.wordpress.com/2011/04/21/creatures-of-habit%E2%80%A6two-legged-and-four-legged/  In that post, I talked about the fact that I am a creature of habit and so are my cattle.

As a creature of habit, I find comfort in having a plan and doing my best to stick to it.  This becomes vital to my mental balance and the degree of success that I have managing my life, my family, and my cattle feed yard.

It's in the best interest of my family, my animals, and you (the consumer of my beef) for me to be organized...

Let’s face it—I am not a spontaneous person…My life is so busy that spontaneity throws me off balance.  I am at the feed yard shortly after 6:00AM (usually seven days a week) and, during the week, work non- stop until I pick my kids up from school at 3:20.   From 3:20 on, I blend work with providing my children with a taxi service to all of their after school activities.  Throw in some youth athletic coaching, and the ever present challenge of putting dinner on the table, and I’ve filled out a fourteen hour day.  The bottom line is that I am a “juggler” so my success is dependent on the balls falling in a relatively orderly pattern. I am sure that a good number of you are, at this point, empathizing with me (having realized that you are also a “juggler”).

I am blessed to have such a wonderful and talented family...They need me...

Given my natural tendency toward order, it is no big surprise that I also seem to gravitate toward a consistent and organized pattern with my blogging.  The few times that I have deviated from my set pattern have been the most challenging for me…I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but most weeks I have two posts come up—one on Tuesday morning and one on Thursday morning.  I am happy with that.  Every once in a while, I deviate to three posts or change the days that the posts come up in an effort to “mix it up”, but I generally find that unsettling.  It messes up my routine, and causes the (juggling) ball pattern to change.

He needs me too...

In an effort to maintain my mental and emotional fitness, this fall I am sticking with a routine.  I hope that this will provide you with balance and comfort as well.  For those of you that like to live your life “on the wild side”, I can only hope that the vitality and excitement of my posts will keep you hooked and entertained!

With all of this in mind, I would like to announce my next series of posts.  Yes, I am not only sticking to a schedule of posting, but also developing a plan for a new series… I really enjoyed the Calf #718 series, and am now going to embark on a series of posts describing daily activities at the feed yard.

What is it that I do every day and why do I do it?

I wear a lot of different hats, and would like to take the time to share them with you in this “Foodie Work!” series. Blended with these posts will be “Foodie Fun!” recipes and cooking tidbits geared for the busy family who strives to eat a wholesome dinner meal together after a crazy day…

Family + wholesome food = what life is all about!

I promise… It’ll be both a wild ride and a dependable journey!


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3 responses to “A Two-Legged Creature of Habit…Foodie Work!

  1. Bill

    Nice plan. I look forward to it.

  2. Anne
    I too am a non spontaneous creature of habit. I feel being organized and consistent helps me be as efficient as possible. I like to have a plan, even if the plan changes.
    Looking forward to Foodie Work and Recipes!

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