From Nebraska to Oregon, in search of more bridges…

The balance (precarious at times) that exists at our house was disrupted this week…

The kids went to school as usual Tuesday morning, but Diggie (grandpa) was in charge of the after school pick up.   At 3:20pm he dashed into the elementary school parking lot to meet his favorite blonds…

He was in charge of the gymnastics drop off and pick up until Demi (grandma) became available to relieve him from his taxi duties.

Demi and Diggie with their favorite blonds...

Demi and Diggie, the brave souls that they are, were in charge for a few days (at least as much as my oldest daughter allows anyone else to be in charge…).

Very organized and usually in charge...

It is unusual for Matt and I to travel and leave the kids behind, but this was an important trip.  We set off for the long haul from Nebraska to Oregon to attend the Certified Angus Beef Annual Conference.

A product display case at the conference. Great looking beef!

A few years after Al and Sallie Atkins (and several other ranchers from Nebraska) began working with me to trace our cattle from birth to harvest in an effort to improve the beef that we grow, Certified Angus Beef recognized my feed yard as a “feed yard partner” of their branded beef program.

Many of you will probably recognize their logo, as Certified Angus Beef has more than 12,300 licensed retail (grocery store) and food-service partners in the United States and 46 other countries.  Certified Angus Beef is known for quality and taste…

This week, Matt and I were honored to receive the Certified Angus Beef Feed Yard Partner of the Year Award in the “small feed yard” classification.  As part of the award, we spent a couple of days visiting with all of the wonderful retail and food service folks that help to bring our great tasting beef to your local grocery store or restaurant.

Certified Angus Beef helps to build a very important bridge:

From my farm...

To your plate...

Next week, we will take a closer look at Certified Angus Beef, and give you all some more insight into what makes a great beef eating experience.

In the meantime, I will be shoveling out my house and my desk at the feed yard in an optimistic hope of regaining balance “on the home front”.  I am pretty sure that Demi and Diggie will be trying to sneak in a few naps in order to recover from the whirlwind of a couple of days with my children…


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7 responses to “From Nebraska to Oregon, in search of more bridges…

  1. Todd Eggerling


  2. Al Svajgr

    Anne, Well deserved honor and well done! We all need to wear our ideas and practices on our sleeves like you do. Really appreciate you blog.

  3. The office is a-buzz today with stories from Annual Conference in Oregon. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! I know our chefs, retailers and foodservices professionals love getting to meet cattlemen and women at gatherings like Annual Conference and learn so much from those interactions. Thanks for all you do to build those relationships. Keep up the great work!

  4. Nebraska Farm Wife

    Congrats!!! You both probably needed what I call a “farmer vacation”!!!!

  5. Ron

    Congratulations on the honor. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to achieve this level of product quality. Thanks for all you do.

    • Thank you to everyone for the congratulations on the Certified Angus Beef award. I am very proud of my crew for doing such a great job caring for our cattle and producing great tasting beef. The four of us work very hard to do all of the little things right, and it pays off in the end!

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