A Different Point of View…

Studly and I teamed up again last week to “ride pens” because my cowboy was on vacation.  I spent the week checking cattle, and thinking about the difference that “point of view” makes when you look at the environment around you.

My point of view is different while atop Studly’s back than when I am on the ground.  I can see more things because I am higher up, but being on top of a prey animal (horse) and surrounded by other prey animals (cattle) also causes a shift in the way that I perceived the world around me.  I pay more attention to detail…

Here is an array of pictures from the week:  from the point of view of atop the horse…What do you see when you look at the pictures?

Waiting for the sun to rise...Do you see the cattle in the predawn light?

There is the tip of the sun...Does the world look different yet?

It's almost up!


This one is my favorite...Do you see the cattle resting in the foreground, and the others playing in the background?

The sun is up...Do you see the rainbow just to the right of my feed elevator?

I saw all of these things in the span of an hour.  I feel blessed to have witnessed the beauty.  Have you stopped to notice the beauty that surrounds you today?  It is everywhere–just waiting for you to notice…Happy Monday!


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2 responses to “A Different Point of View…

  1. very true, i rode pens in nebraska for quite a few years and now im a brand inspector so the point of view is different just walking through cattle versus riding:)

  2. Nebraska Farm Wife

    Even though the fog on Saturday made weaning calves a little more difficult. There is something about moving cattle a horse back in the fog has such a calm beauty about it. I couldn’t help feeling a sence of peace as I could see the cows appear and dissappear.

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