15 Years and Counting..It just felt right.

As I look back at my life, I am always amazed at how the pieces came together and unfolded…  It is almost as if my life has been a series of well timed building blocks that stacked one upon the other.

If I had not had scoliosis, would I have become a nationally ranked swimmer?

If I had not become a nationally ranked swimmer, would I have been accepted to matriculate at Dartmouth College?

If I had not attended Dartmouth, would I have ever met my “farm boy” from Nebraska?

If I had not ever met my farm both from Nebraska, what path would my life have taken?

He's been my soul mate for more than half of my life...

Without him, I most certainly would NOT have had the opportunity to manage a cattle feed yard in Central Nebraska!

I am nostalgic today because last week I wrote an essay on how Matt and I met and our subsequent love story.  Matt’s and my story will be included in a book entitled So… How Did You Meet Anyway? by Susan Amestoy.  Susan found me via “Feed Yard Foodie”, and asked me to contribute Matt’s and my story to her collection.  My essay is featuring on her blog site this week, and can be found at:


The essay is entitled “It Just Felt Right” and it is the September 10th post on her blog site.  It warmed my heart to write the essay and hopefully it will warm yours to read it!  Happy Monday!

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  1. Bill

    You forgot to include, “Had I never started running a feed lot, would someone now be eating a great tasting calf #718?” That would have a been a great tie in. See? Even romance even leads to great tasting beef!

    As for life, rolling with it is kinda fun. Less macro level stress, too! Awesome job on the book inclusion.

    Mrs. Gibson would have done better not to say anything since your type rebelliousness is extremely controlled and planned. Of course, it might have also been the best thing she ever said. Please tell your parents ‘Hi’ for me sometime.

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