Flip Cam meets Feed Yard Foodie…

Here I am moving animals that each weigh 1350#'s up the alley way and onto the truck to be shipped to harvest. I am much more comfortable with moving animals that outweigh me by more than 13X than operating a small video camara that weighes less than a pound...Everything is relative!

Now that you all are familiar with my trepidation toward using some electronic devices, you will understand my great hesitation when I was confronted with a request to shoot video footage at the feed yard using a “Flip Cam”.  I love sharing what I do at the feed yard, so it was not that I did not want to take video footage of how we care for our animals.  Rather, it was a great nervousness regarding using a Flip Cam for the first time.  My children informed me that using a Flip Cam was easy, and that I was being ridiculous…It was really a bummer having to admit that they were right…

They should not already know more than I do... (Aren't parents supposed to be smarter than their kids???) But I am constantly amazed at how much quicker my kids pick up electronic technology than I do...

About two months ago, I was contacted by Phil Lembert’s staff of Food Nutrition & Science with a request for both a written interview and video footage demonstrating my life as a beef farmer.  I first met Phil about three years ago at the National Grocers Convention.  I was attending the convention as part of a program called, “Farmer Goes to Market”, and was there to interact with grocery store retailers and to answer questions regarding Animal Welfare.  I had just won the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Beef Quality Assurance Producer of the Year award, and this was my first experience “talking” to the consumer and sharing my farming story.

Many thanks to Phil and his staff for giving me a needed push further into the realm of technology…

My girls and I spent an afternoon in late June taking various short video segments on our farm (yes, I did require their technical support). We then rounded up Matt in the evening for a few family shots, and sent all of the footage to Phil’s staff.  The finished video segment came up on the FoodNutritionScience website last Monday morning.  Click on this link to watch the five minute segment and help me to celebrate my growing technological achievements!


Positive reinforcement is necessary for continual advancement (the psychologist in me is now talking), so please feel free to leave a comment on Feed Yard Foodie regarding the video to boost my “film taking” confidence!

I *think* that I posted the link to the companion written interview when it came up about a month ago, but here is the link in case you missed it…


I promise that after this post, I will go back to finishing Calf #718’s journey to harvest and leave the subject of technology alone for a little while…Until then, YEAH for technology and the open mind needed to learn to use it!


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12 responses to “Flip Cam meets Feed Yard Foodie…

  1. Robyn Geiser

    As always, great job! I look forward to reading your blog and i am always so proud of the new adventures your willing to go on. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Bobbi Lorenz

    2 thumbs up for Technology!! I may have to borrow your girls to teach me how to use my smart phone!! LOL

  3. Todd Eggerling

    With Kristen involved with Common Ground, she was given a Flip Cam to catch everyday life. It has been fun to use but also a challenge to us with little experience in the technology world.

  4. Ann Bruntz

    Just take the Technology one step at a time and it will be come a habit and easier. Really like your posts. I just wish all the technology was there 30 years ago when I was passionate about sharing the “life on the farm/ranch ” story. I am still passionate, just not enough time in the day or the energy as I age!
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Dawn

    Excellent job on the video! I love following this blog, which mirrors things I do on a much, much smaller scale on our family farmstead.

  6. Lindsey Lillpop

    I think you may have missed your calling in the film business!! 🙂 The video was great. I would have no clue how to put something together . . . hooray for husbands (and children in your case!)

  7. Michelle Weber

    Great video. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks to everyone for sharing comments and giving me positive feedback on the video and blog site! It is always great to hear from all of you, so thank you for taking the time to comment.

      Please feel free to offer questions or topics that you would like me to “blog about”. I am always open to suggestions.

      In the meantime, we’ll see where the next “adventure” leads us…

      This weekend as you celebrate Labor Day, make sure that you include a great tasting beef meal and think of me!


  8. Al Svajgr

    Right on Anne, video well done and presented so all can see and understand what we do. Keep up this great blog!

  9. Anne
    What a neat opportunity for you to attend the National Grocers Convention and participate in “Farmer Goes to Market.” I bet the Convention was very interesting and eye opening. The beef industry is lucky to have you opening the minds of our retail and consumer markets.

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