Caring for animals on their level…It makes healthy animals that make healthy beef.

When asked what I do every day, I always answer:  I care for animals that will be harvested to feed to my children and to yours.

My little "cowgirl" loves to eat the beef that her Mama raises!

Because this is the case, I have two main priorities that dictate every decision that I make at the feedyard.

  1. Food safety:  My cattle quite literally “feed the world”.  They are producing the beef that I cook at night to feed to my family, and you cook at night to feed to your family.  It is my job to do everything that I can to make that beef as safe and healthy as possible.
  2. Healthy Cattle Make Healthy Beef:  To be healthy, my animals must maintain mental, emotional and physical fitness.  I must do everything that I can to “set my animals up for success” so that they can thrive and prosper and make safe beef.  Good animal care leads to healthy animals.  Good animal care is one of the cornerstones of Beef Quality Assurance.

We have some very important things that we do at the cattle feedyard to help our animals maintain complete fitness and good health.

  1. We trace the health history of our animals from birth to harvest to make sure that their vaccinations are current and comprehensive.
  2. We try to limit stress as much as possible, especially during times of transition for the animals.  We do this through good cattle handling/psychology, limited time of transportation from the home ranch to our cattle feedyard or from our feedyard to the packing plant, and quality nutrition all throughout the calf’s lifespan.
  3. We exercise and acclimate our calves as they transition from life in a pasture to life in the feedyard, and provide extra trace

    Newly arrived cattle getting used to their "home pen" and curious about the mineral tub.

    minerals to our animals as they make the dietary shift from eating on a pasture to eating out of a feedbunk.

  4. My cowboy (or I) check every animal in the feedyard every day to ensure that they are healthy.  We are both good at recognizing what a calf in good health looks like, so that we can diagnose any sickness early in its onset.
  5. Breakfast being delivered on a sunny Saturday morning...

    We are “creatures of habit” (see previous blog) and deliver healthy and well balanced feed to our cattle two times per day.  Breakfast is delivered between 8:00am and 10:30am and Linner (my children’s word for a cross between lunch and dinner) is delivered from 2:00pm to 4:30pm.


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6 responses to “Caring for animals on their level…It makes healthy animals that make healthy beef.

  1. Thank you so much to all of you who are supporting me and following the Feedyard Foodie blog. I appreciate your comments and look forward to sharing with you in the many blog posts to come! I love to hear your comments, and would like to answer any questions that you may have so do not forgot about the “Ask Me” button at the top of the page.

    I hope that you have a wonderful day and eat lots of great tasting and healthy beef!

  2. Jessica

    Anne, you forgot to include something important in your last sentence of your comment, “Eat lots of great tasting and healthy USA(!!!) beef!” 😉

  3. Dawn

    I love this blog. My family has raised beef cattle for 35 years. Our philosophy is absolutely the same as yours. Thank you for expressing it so beautifully!

  4. Gary

    Anne — Thanks for the work putting this excellent site together. We’ve sent the link to all of our urban family/friends and encouraged them to send it to their circle of friends.
    Gary and Joyce

  5. Lenna S. Hanna-O'Neill

    Important messages well presented. Kudos on doing an important job: educating the public about food safety and proper animal husbandry.
    And why those two are so mutually entwined.

    • margot malpher

      hi, thanks for helping the animals on the farms. i just read your article “Before Ii’ts Too Late” and its never too late to get involved in what you believe in. i am a believer in giving the animals a life under God.. To me that means let em be as free as they once were in the wild and when man was their friend who kept them safe and fed them right and loved them. Its important the animals have their life to live thier way with us supervising and helping. I’ve seen lots of farms here in the East USA. I love to see them free in the pasture. My two fave scenes are a mama feeding her baby and a gorgeous Roan running free. I always stop to watch and I wonder how long will it be before those who don’t understand animals destroy them. They need to learn from the farmer who, next to the fireman, is the most respected by the american people as reported in US News and World Report. If something positive isn’t done soon all Maine will have left will be veggie farms, no animals. .Please help, and many thanks for all you do. lol, margot

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